Monday, April 02, 2012

My Big Bite

At last we left our intrepid readers, I had just completed my bike test and was still floating around in the clouds, absolutely giddy with the results.

Over the following weekend, I went to Columns Drive with Dee Dee for a 1.5 hour ride, with some over/unders thrown in for good effort.  Early on in the workout, it became obvious that my legs were in no mood for anything strenuous.  I decided to listen to my body and settled in to an hour and half of Zone 1/2 riding on a very windy day.  When I got home and analyzed my results, I was a bit shocked.  Usually, at Columns Drive, I ride in the 18-20 mph range.  My pace was somewhere in the neighborhood of 14-16 mph.

Sunday, I was feeling well enough to give my long run workout a shot.  I’ve been alternating 10-ish mile long runs with shorter (6 mile) long runs during this training block.  The plan called for an hour with 4x4 minutes hard.  I managed to pull this run off, and felt pretty good about it.  Until Monday.  I was totally shellacked.

This feeling carried on with me through the week.  I chose an easier endurance ride on the trainer Tuesday, but had to push my swim off till Wednesday due to my son’s soccer match.  After running and swimming Wednesday, I was done for.  I took Thursday off.  I was going to take Friday off too, but I thought I could manage an easy 4 miler.

Not so much…

About 1 mile into the run, I realized that I was starving.  I contemplated just heading back to the house, and I did so at 2 miles, but decided in the end to make my run an even number and finished up with 3 painfully slow miles.  I chastised myself pretty bad for that one.

I slept pretty well Friday night and was beginning to feel like my old self.  Dee Dee was working that weekend, which gave me some free time to head out to Cartersville for a Bud Plant ride.  The parking lot was full of cars, most of them looked to be TNT members, out for the run off the bike.  I took my time getting under way.  I had programmed the course into my Garmin.  It took a couple of minutes for it to load, which I thought was odd, but it worked out OK.  I even found a screen with a little compass and a two fields, one for distance to next turn, and one for time to next term.  The route is marked really well, but I still thought that technology was cool.

The ride went well.  I came in about 4 minutes faster than the same route I did back in May of last year.  That afternoon, I managed to hit all the VOS intervals on my swim set. VOS = puke pace by the way.  For my long run on Sunday (10 miles), I did a run 3/walk 1 thing, and I had a really good run.  Whatever I did to my self on the bike test, I think I’ve managed to work myself out of it.

But the lesson is learned.  Self coaching is fine, but if I choose to deviate from the plan, or something happens that forces me to deviate from the plan, then I need to be smart and work things out to their best possible conclusion, even if that conclusion is not on the happy path.

I’m so far ahead of the plan at my current level of fitness.  I’m using it more as a guide than an absolute.

That about catches us up.  I’m planning on posting more regularly.  Just recounting my workouts ain’t all that exciting.  I’d like to spice things up a bit.

Stay tuned…