Tuesday, January 03, 2012


First of all, welcome to 2012.  May your year be exciting, in a good kind of way, and prosperous.

With my race schedule in hand, I sat down and did something I haven’t done often.  As focused on the digits as I am, I have never really sat down and laid out an annual plan.  The first year in triathlon, I winged it.  The next two years, I was coached.  The year after that, I followed block periodization, no annual plan required, and last year, my triathlon season ended in July.  That’s hardly a year’s worth :-)

Utilizing a free resource, from www.trainingbible.com, I sat down to map out my year.  I plugged in Monday, January 2, 2012 as the first day of my “year”.  I then went and plugged in each of my six races, and assigned them a priority.  It looked something like this:

  • Georgia Half Marathon – A
  • West Point Oly – A
  • Callaway Gardens – C
  • Tri the Mountains – A
  • Fall Cree Falls Oly – B
  • Augusta 70.3 – A

With that done, I set about assigning the tradition “periods” to my training year.  To make a long story short, it ended up being a convoluted mess.  I mean, I was fine up to the West Point Oly, and Tri the Mountains, but after that, it just got difficult.  I just wasn’t quite sure what to assign the weeks after an “A” race leading up to another race of a shorter distance.

Finally, it dawned on me to Keep It Simple, Stupid.  Really, my only annual goal for 2012 is to go sub-6 at Augusta.  Therefore, it behooved me to make that my most important race of the year.  Those other ones just didn’t matter.  I decided to start backwards from Augusta, using a 3 week (old peeps) cycle for each block, and have two blocks of everything except for  the Peak period.  I’ll be damned if that training season didn’t end three weeks after West Point Oly.  Throw in a Preparation Block, and the first part was done.

Counting back from West Point to the Georgia Half Marathon is seven weeks, an almost perfect fit for a Time Crunched Triathlete training program.  Throw in a four week transition period prior to the Georgia Half Marathon, and I just gave myself six more weeks of nothing but running and cross training.

I love my coach (me!)  :-)  Now, my race schedule looks like this:

  • Georgia Half Marathon – C
  • West Point Oly – A
  • Callaway Gardens – B
  • Tri the Mountains – C
  • Fall Cree Falls Oly – B
  • Augusta 70.3 – A

Imminently more reasonable, dontcha think?  and I don’t have to freeze my buns off getting ready for my first triathlon of the year.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move onto the topic of today’s blog post:  Healthy.  That is my New Year’s Resolution.  I want to work on developing the healthy and positive aspects of my life in all the things that I do:  family, sports, money, relationships, my job, and just work hard on making improvements and becoming the kind of person that I want to be.

One aspect of this resolution is certainly nutrition.  I have started operation “No Red Meat”, and so far so good.  I would really like to cut out all meat, but I just don’t think that is doable at this time.  Baby steps right?  No sense in jumping off the cliff.  I’m also trying to cut out beer and liquor this year.  Stop laughing.  I want a power meter.  I’m thinking about using that as the carrot to encourage me to make healthy decisions.  Let’s see…  If I spent $20.00 a week on beer and liquor, how long would it take me to save up for that power meter I’m craving. I dunno, but at some point, I should probably do the math!

Here’s to a great 2012, y’all!  Let’s commence to rockin….



it's all about pace said...

good plan...

I think that you have found a level-headed and understanding coach.

good luck in 2012

Kim said...

"I’m also trying to cut out beer and liquor this year."

this year?! for the whole year? you nuts friend.

btw, you can absolutely 100% no diggity doubt go sub-6 at Augusta. that's a no brainer.

Stef said...

Thank heavens you cut four "A" races down to two! Imminently reasonable indeed -- love it!

Excited for you for Augusta! And yes I did laugh involuntarily when you talked of ditching beer and liquor.

But I've no doubt you can do it -- a power meter is a pretty effective carrot.

Carolina John said...

I say get as many vegetarian days as you can. You'll really start to look forward to them. And you want to save money for the power meter? Stop buying meat at the grocery store. We did, and it almost paid for the entire trip to IMFL. I'd still meat-up if I went out to lunch with a coworker or something. Just didn't cook it at home anymore.

and it's much better to have a spring and fall A race on the schedule than to try and work 4 of them in. Good call there coach.

Lily on the Road said...

Baby steps is right on the no meat thang. I cut out meat almost 4 years ago and alcohol a year ago...(I know ~ crazy huh?). It does make a huge difference.

BTW, I like your coach too! Good luck with "the plan".

Jennifer daSilva said...

I have to check out the links for all the planning. New year, new races! Yay!

iJuls said...

Happy New Year, Wes! Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Nice planning! You're going to have a great year!!!

Stuart said...

Nice work...I am thinking about a PowerMeter too but as an interim you should check out Trainerroad.com

Meggan Johnson said...

Damn. If Wes is doing Augusta, maybe I should do Augusta. Hmmm...

BTW - no liquor or beer??!?!!? Who is going to entertain me on FB?

My family was vegan for a long time - don't know if I ever told you that - and I still have many meatless days. In our case we did not save any money by going vegetarian. Back in those days it was hard to find good vege products and we couldn't buy dairy because we didn't eat that either so we had to find vegan cheeses and milks etc. which were far more costly than regular eggs and low-fat dairy.

Options now, 20 years later, are way greater. I can't even tell you how nice it is to walk into stores and find such great selections of different veggies, beans, and spices that I used to have to hunt every health food store in Orlando for!

Colleen said...

Looks like a great schedule! I hope to run the Georgia half as well... we'll have to meet up!!!