Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Check Point

Saturday, I got on Haint for my second round of Trainer Road.  I chose the Free 30 workout again, as I’m not ready to do any serious riding yet.  I am finely tuned to my crotch muscles, and they are telling me to TAKE IT SLOW.

Still, I was able to put more of an effort into this one, raising my power threshold by almost twenty percent.  I would have thought that all the running I’ve been doing would have kept my cycling muscles in pretty descent shape.  Reality, strongly evident by my heart rate reaching into the 150s, indicated otherwise.  I’ve got work to do before I give the 6 week base training plan a go.  This week, I want to ride twice for 45 minutes, then we’ll go from there.

That afternoon, I went back to the pool try out my Tempo Trainer Pro.  This was a Christmas gift from my daughter, and I’ve been wanting to try it out.

There are three different ways to use this beauty.  You can set it to beep every stroke/stride, or you can set it to beep at every interval.  I thought I would try some bilateral breathing exercises and hit the wall every 24 seconds, for a pace of 1:36 per hundred yards.  After setting the digits, I stuffed it into my swim cap and took off.  I think I managed to stay on target for 6 of the 10 100’s I wanted to get done.  After that, I winged it.  Can’t take this training too seriously at this point.

The tempo trainer is a definite winner.  I can use it on the run to hit my 90 strides on one foot per minute, and I can use it on the swim to pace my intervals/strokes.  I love the fact that I was hitting the wall at exactly the interval I wanted.  I’m looking forward to using it some more in the future.

Backing up a bit, last Thursday, I went to the gym to do a graduated run test.  Basically, I warmed up for a mile, then at the 10 minutes mark, I began increasing the speed on the treadmill by 0.2 mph per minute. 

Treadmill Test 1-19-2012, Heart rate - Time

I did not look at my Garmin the entire time I was running.  My goal was to hang on for dear life, or I reached 9 mph, which ever came first :-)  You can see there around 12 minutes that my HR spikes up into zone 2.  This points out my aerobic threshold (AeT).  The jump in Zone 4 where I went anaerobic is a little harder to assess.   The last time I took this test, my result was a long gradually rising line with no clear indicators.  LOL.  Based on my AeT, and the fact that I ran almost a mile in last year’s Zone 5, I think its pretty safe to say my zones, for running at least, haven’t changed all that much from last year.  Not to worry though, I’m going to test them again.  Often!

My goals for this week:  6 miles in the Vibrams, and a long run on the weekend with Teh Bug.

Have a great week, y’all!



Lisa said...

that's a clever little gadget...

Meggan Johnson said...

I always find it interesting how different heart rate zones are for different people.

Also LOL at "finely tuned crotch muscles."

Karen said...

ha ha! Great job Wes - I've been thinking of getting one of those gadgets - so now you've tested it for me (so kind) I think I will :)

Thanks :)

Michelle said...

The tempo trainer looks very cool - glad it worked well for you!

LBTEPA said...

you have a great week too darl :)

Molly said...

The tempo trainer is awesome! I've been using it to get my stroke rate up a bit as my swim coach wants and it helps a lot!