Friday, December 02, 2011

Flitting Aboot

I have discovered fresh (ly unfrozen) fruit and yogurt.  WT?  Where have I been?  I’m on a mission to improve my diet.  Yes, I know.  That means a major curtailment on beer.  I’m actually doing pretty good on that front.  After my marathon, went through a case or so, but hey…  We all need to let go at sometime!  My short term goal is to include healthier choices in my diet.  My long term includes giving up red meat, then most meat (except seafood), then meat entirely.  Not sure if I’ll make it that far, but we shall see.  I’m currently in the research phase, with Operation Give Up Red Meat scheduled to begin at the first of the year.

Matthew’s soccer season is winding down.  He had his last practice at a high school in Cobb County.  I’m liking my fitness membership.  One of their facilities was about 10 minutes down the road.  I jumped on one of their treadmills in front of the ESPN TV.  See, I can learn :-)  Rather than do my ho-hum usual workout consisting of:  warm up, run x minutes at y pace, cool down, I hit one of those little program buttons.  I chose:  Random Hills.

How much do you weigh?  185 lbs (ok, plus a little Thanksgiving fat)

Max speed you would like to go?  7.0  (about an 8:30 pace)

Max elevation?  4.0  (unsure about this one, so thought 4.0 was conservative)

How long would you like to run?  40 minutes (or 4 miles, which ever comes first)

The treadmill took me through a warm up, which was nice.  Ya know I’m a digit guy, and the warm ups always skew my main set pace.  After about four minutes of warm ups, the random hills began.  The machine had me run at 7 mph at a 0 incline, and a 6.0 mph pace at a 4% incline.  I think I did 6.7 mph at 1.5% and 6.3 mph at 3%.  Each interval lasted for 2-3 minutes.

I was pretty amazed to be somewhat comfortable at the 7.0 mph pace.  I even took the time to check my heart rate using the little handles.  After it warned me about measuring heart rate over 4.0 mph, it said 151 bpm.  LOL…  That made my eyes widen!  That used to be the bottom of Zone 2 for me, when I was heart rate training.

After running my 4 miles in 37:40, hit the weights again for about half an hour.  I’m just getting back into it, so I’m very careful about how much weight I take on.  Today, my hammies are NOT happy with me.  Gonna give them a day or four off before getting back to it.

And that’s the plan for December.  I’m going to run, fairly frequently, but only because I wanna, and I’m going to throw anything else into the mix that strikes my fancy, like 4 full 90 minute soccer matches this Sunday!

Have a great weekend!



Kim said...

wes, im also going to be tailoring my diet...and i think im going to try to juice every day (starting sunday) until the end of the month. but alas, will not be cutting out wine. nice job on the dreadmill!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

The cycle of more then less...back to more ...back to less... why is wine, beer, and margarita's so freaking good.

Stef said...

Wow what a heart rate!

I hear ya on eating healthy stuff ~ I've been doing well lately with that. Whole foods and as many veggies as I can take (lol).

Have a great weekend yourself Wes!

it's all about pace said...

I'm a Georgia cracker who has all but given up red meat... don't crave it or even want it any more. working on giving up chicken... that's as hard as giving up Skoal =;-)

I need to do some random hill workouts on a tradmill....

good hering from ya Wes!

Michelle said...

I think keeping a clean diet is so much harder than sticking with workouts, but it definitely makes a huge difference. Good luck!

LBTEPA said...

that sounds like a great plan! You have a good weekend too :)

Lisa said...

I need to cool it on dessert. I'm always ready to start TOMORROW, and not TODAY. Wonder why that is? ;-)

Stuart said...

hmmm it's always easier to give up the beer than the running until you have that awesome beer or crap run!

Enjoy your "you" time!

Carolina John said...

Enjoy the speed! It's that post marathon glow.