Friday, October 07, 2011

Is there ‘Try’ in Running?

Do, or do not.  There is no ‘try’.  -- Jedi Master Yoda

Coming off my twenty mile run on Friday, I was on a euphoric high.  I believe that’s the furthest I’ve ever ran where I both met my goals, and my legs felt fairly good at the end of the run.  No, they weren’t “awesome”, but I wasn’t waddling around either.

On Saturday, I officiated a couple of U-12 Girls Academy games.  The fields are half size, so not a lot of running.  Just enough to activate the muscles and flush out the bad stuff.  Sunday, on the other hand, was just a huge day for me.  I had four games to ref, starting at 1 PM and not finishing until 9 PM at night.

For the 1 PM game, I failed to do my homework.  It was the first place team against my club’s team, which was in a three way tie for second.  The first half went splendidly.  During half time, several of the opposing team’s parents stopped by on the way to the concession stand to compliment me.  The second half?  not so well.  Unfortunately, it was my own doing.  In general, I like the players to try to play though fouls if they can.  It keeps a nice flow to the game and allow me to focus on what’s important.  This time, however, I let one go that I should not have.  The attacking player pulled a defender to slow him down so that he could get around him to the ball in the box.  The attacker won the ball, and then got promptly fouled.  I blew my whistle.  The attacking team (visitors) thought they were getting a penalty kick.  They were mad as hornets and not understanding (duh) when I awarded the ball to the home team (defenders).  In retrospect, it is a mistake in execution that I will not make again.  If I choose to let the first foul go, it is gone.  over.  caput.

Later in the second half, I had to give one of the visiting team’s players a straight red for coming in cleats up to a young man’s crotch.  Yea, the second half pretty much sucked.  The good news?  There’s always good news.  The rest of my games, even my Competitive Adult center went well.  It didn’t stop me from losing sleep over the first one.  That’s just how this officiating thing rolls sometimes.

With four soccer matches under my belt, I estimated that I ran anywhere between 12 and 20 miles on Sunday.  Running the pitch is hard on the ankles and knees.  It’s not in a straight line, and most of our soccer fields ain’t exactly grassy.  I took Monday off, as scheduled.  I was tempted to take Tuesday off too, but I went ahead and put in my 4 miles.  Felt pretty good too.  Wednesday, I was supposed to do a seven miler, but I pushed that back to Thursday.  My 7 miles on Thursday went well, but voted quite strongly that I should have waited another day for the 4 miler :-)  LOL!!

Which brings us to today…  I have 10 miles on the schedule with 8 of them at race pace.  Just so happens its one mile from here to Cochran Shoals, and an 8 mile loop to the end of Columns Drive and back.  Perfectly flat too, mind you…  The problem is my ankles are sore.  My knees are sore, and my legs are feeling a little tired.  I plan to give it my best shot, try if you will.  The problem is, if I don’t already believe that I can get it done, then I probably will not.  A lot of times, after my warm up, my legs come to life, and I get it done.  Sometimes, they don’t, and I suffer.

That’s what I plan to do then.  Give it a try, and hope I don’t cop out.  I’m travelling to Georgia Southern to spend the weekend with my son.  I plan to break in my new red K-swiss Blade Run Lights while I’m there.  I need to decide which shoe to wear for my twenty miler on Monday.

Have a great week end y’all!



it's all about pace said...

hoping you feel no pain afther the warmup and crush the 8.

Joe said...

Just catching up...nice write up. Ain't it interesting how one mechanical error in a game can send things sliding downhill?? Too bad.

Just saw a video of Wayne Rooney's send off vs Montenegro yesterday. Bad, stupid. Why do people do this? Dunno...but gotta give the straight red for that craziness.

Keep rolling, Wes!

MAJ said...

I agree with all about pace :)

Sounds like all in all not a bad weekend though.

I am still on a euphoric high from your 20-miler too!

Michelle said...

Hope all went well! And here's hoping your next 20-miler is a great one, too!

Tea said...

My legs are feeling your 20.

Karen said...

Well the match sounds like a game of two halfs ... and actually I think you are giving yourself a hard time - both decisions sound perfectly valid even if they gave the teams some angst. That is how it happens sometimes.

Your running sounds like it is going great guns. Sometimes you have to listen to those aches and pains and back off and sometimes it's aches and pains that go off once you get into your stride (if you will)... your big and ugly enough to suss it out I reckon ;)

Have fun out there... and let me know about the K-Swiss ... I am now loving my K-Ona's!! :)