Friday, September 30, 2011

Twenty Sumfin

The hills are alive (with the sounds of my bitchin and moanin)….

That’s, honestly, not too far from the truth.  Unless I want to run around in circles of 400 meters, half a mile, or a mile, I have to deal with hills, for the most part.  What a difference flat makes.

If you read my posts for the week, you’d know that Friday, today, was long run day at the McFizzle Training Camp.  I crawled my happy butt out of bed at 5 AM to get ready to go.  You’d a thunk I was doing a race or something the way I slept.  (Note to self:  beat the children).  Breakfast:  oatmeal, yogurt, and coffee on the way out.  Stopped at the gas station to fill up the car and buy two Powerades.

It was o’dark-thirty when I pulled into the parking garage at work.  I took my laptop upstairs to my desk and assured my co-worker that no, I was not actually going to start working and hinder his Subversion upgrade.  “See ya in 3-4 hours”, I said.  Off I went.

Did I mention it was dark?  I had the sidewalk up to Powers Ferry Road, then I had to run along a trail in the grass down to Cochrane Shoals Park.  Did I mention it was dark?  I was sure I was going to twist an ankle or something.  Finally, I made a left into the parking lot and onto sure footing.  My Garmin beeped one mile as I left the parking lot and got out onto the trail.  It was eerie running along the river in the fog and darkness.  The Cochran Shoals Trail is a 3.1 mile loop (perfect 5K!).  I got off the trail on the far side and headed down Columns Drive.  Combining the two gave me a nice 8+ mile loop.

I pretty much stuck to my pacing the entire run.  A few of my miles were over my suggested pace.  A few were significantly under.  I tried my best to pace myself and not go too hard.  I’d like to throw some excitement into the twenty mile run, but let’s just say it was “repetitive”!  LOL…  After about mile 6, I would stop after every mile and drink.  I learned this lesson last weekend (and last year too, evidently).  I was hoping to stay strong until mile 15 and see what I had left.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn the answer was:  a lot.

Every mile came in at or under pace up to the twentieth mile.  I did one small extra loop in the park to make sure I was at mile 19 when I left.  I walked the up hills up the street, careful not to twist anything again, and the daylight helped.  Once I got up the hill on the other side of Power’s Ferry, it was a downhill shot to the office.  I actually tried to get my last mile under 9:52, but at 10:06 pace, I finally gave in and finished up.

After showering, I headed up to the office for second breakfast.  The weekday long run experiment didn’t go too badly.  Not too shabby at all.  I’m thinking I’ll definitely try to get my next twenty miler in on Thursday, ad I have to head out of town this weekend.

20 miles @ 9:52 pace:  3:15:14, 9:46 over all pace.  Nothing wrong with those digits.

Have a great weekend!



Kim said...

ah your run reminded me of my long runs before the boston marathon. way to hang in there and finish strong. nice digits for sure my friend.

it's all about pace said...


Lisa said...

so let me get this straight. you got up crazy early. went out by your self. ran 20 miles. and did this at a 9:46 pace?


well done!!

LBTEPA said...

Well done! Great work! I'm also impressed you were able to work after that - all I'm good for is a snooze after a 30k+ :)

Michelle said...

Way to go, Wes!!! Nothing wrong with those digits at all! Great job fitting in a 20-miler on a weekday - that is no small feat!

MAJ said...

You're stupid fast.

Not stupid.

Just, so fast it's stupid.

Actually, it makes ME feel stupid.

Ok, I gonna go now . . .

Stuart said...

Looks like we were both on 20s this week(end) not sure I could manage it on a Friday and then I read someones post about starting a 100 mile training ride at 3am!

Whatever it takes right!

Carolina John said...

Nice! Two breakfasts and 20 miles at a steady pace? I'll take that any day. Good one! Now about subversion....

iJuls said...

congratulations on getting it done. You're on your way.

Scott Keeps Running said...

thems good digits