Friday, September 16, 2011

Tangled Webs

If you had told me even three months ago that I would run 30+ miles during a recovery week, I would have scoffed at you.  Even during my peak of Ironman training, I seldom got into the thirty miles per week range.  Hmmmmm….  maybe that has something to do with my poor run performance at Ironmans?  LOL….

Marathon training, as an exercise in and of itself, is a different beasty.  Yet, I love the way my body has responded.  (LOOSE THE WEIGHT DAMN YOU!)   There are days when I wonder if my legs can do (x) miles at (y) pace, and after my warm up, they do just that.

This week marks the half way point of my training plan.  I am celebrating by running in the Race for the Fallen at Red Top Mountain on Saturday.  What a better way to celebrate life than to dedicate a race for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our people?  I love the fact that the race is practically in my backyard.

Soccer season is in full swing.  I managed to keep my obstinate decision to “never ref again” through the pre-season.  Watching my son’s games left a small ache in my heart.  It took but a few emails from people I care about to change my mind.  Despite my bally-hooing and whinage, I found myself running the pitch last Saturday on a U-13 Classic IV match.  I loved every minute of it.  The problem is not the game of soccer, the players, or the spectators.  The problem is me:  pure and simple.  I have to go out on the pitch with the right attitude, and leave with the right attitude.

My return to the pitch has struck during prime time.  The longest runs of training plan are coming up, and I need to integrate my weekend activities with my plan.  I basically took the rest of my plan and boiled it down to three key workouts per week.  Right now, it looks like I’m going to need to move my long run to Thursday.  I’m not sure how Teh Bug is going to take that.  I haven’t checked in with her yet.  If I can swing it, it will free up a lot of time on the weekends for both family and soccer.

I like the canned plan that I am using, but I don’t need a plan.  Improvement comes from dancing the fine line between uncomfortable and hurting one self, and I know how to listen to my body.

What’s the easiest way to clear the webs out?  Fire?  A sword?  A good run?  take your pick :-)

Have a great weekend, y’all!



Michelle said...

"Improvement comes from dancing the fine line between uncomfortable and hurting one self, and I know how to listen to my body." You are so very wise : )

iJuls said...

Long runs on Thursday? Wow! That sounds tough. I hope it works out for you. Weekends seem go by so quickly.

As for not needing a plan, I think that plans help keep us pushing when we don't think we can AND easing up when we need to. They have function (for me anyway).

Happy Training! It sounds like it's going well. Yay!!!

Lisa said...

I could never pull off long runs on thursdays, but that's just me.

Looking forward to the race report from the half this morning. :-)

Annette said...

I wish my regular week had as many miles as your recovery week. Good for you! :)

Jess said...

After awhile, you really don't need plans. You know what you're doing and how to do it!

Carolina John said...

Hope you enjoyed the race!

Joe said...

Tough to stay off the pitch, I understand. Hope you can get all the long runs in well enough, Wes...they make all the difference, as you know!