Monday, March 28, 2011

Square One

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying the stairway to heaven. – Led Zeppelin

In many ways, I feel like I am starting over.  I guess a lot of us feel that way coming off the “off season”.  In many ways, I’m fitter at this point of the year than I ever have been before.  I’d like to think that I am confused, but we all know that isn’t true.

After the Georgia Half Marathon, it was definitely time to unwind.  Other than put the pedals back on my bike, I did nothing at all Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday, I spun my delayed onset sore muscles out on the bike for half an hour, even though it took me till 9 PM to finally climb aboard.  While my body was sore, my mind was not handling the lack of activity very gracefully.

Thursday, it was time to get back in the pool for the first time since, oh, November.  After my trip to Savannah earlier this month, I developed a very much real pain in my left shoulder.  It was so bad, I couldn’t really use the arm at all, much less lift it over my head.  It was rather perplexing to say the least, since I really didn’t do anything with it all.  I started out with my usual 500 yard warm up, then I did 5x100 at a comfortable pace.  I was careful not to hurt my shoulder, even though I felt it often.  At the end of the swim, I dare say that it even felt a little better.

After taking Friday off, I decided Saturday that I wanted to both run and swim.  I got up around 8 AM-ish and had my coffee while waiting for the rain to come in.  Not wanting to get wet, I thought I would do 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym, then hop into the pool for a swim.  On my way to the gym, I saw some guy running in the rain and his VFFs.  Doh!  Why is it there is always somebody more HTFU than you are?  LOL….

When I got to the gym, I noticed that the pool was empty.  The aquaerobics class had abandoned ship at the first flash of lightning.  Taking this as a sign/gift, I quickly changed into my swim trunks and hopped into the pool.  The water was much warmer this day for some reason, and I hope the reason wasn’t THAT obvious :)  I basically repeated the same workout from Thursday, but I added some intensity for the second 50 yards of every hundred, and I as a reward, I finished the same workout five minutes faster.

I quickly showered and headed upstairs to the treadmill.  I was looking might fine in my Bikilas, but I always feel so short.  LOL…  I took my time warming up before settling into a 6.5 mph pace.  I’m getting pretty good at this treadmill thing.  I hit 1 mile in almost exactly 10 minutes.   Then, it was time to switch over into my new K-swiss Blade Run Lites.  I could immediately tell the difference between the K-ona Cs, the Vibrams, and the Lites.  The cushioning, the heel angle, the form, it really does all change based on the shoe, or lack there of.  I put in 2 miles at 9-9.5 minute pace, and I really like the Blade Run Lites.  I can’t wait to put more miles on them.

Dee Dee and a nice breakfast was waiting on me at home.  After which, she and I changed and headed out to Chateau Elan for a delayed 22 year anniversary celebration.  Despite some rather nasty weather (or maybe because of it!), we stayed busy at the Chateau.  Let’s just say what happens at Chateau Elan stays at Chateau Elan :-)

More (and longer) workouts this week!  The first 4 weeks of this 12 week block is all about getting back in the groove of things, then its on to West Point Oly distance and the Callaway Gardens Super Sprint!

Let’s make it a great week, y’all!



Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Wondered where you had I know ;)

22 YEARS!!! Now that is something to celebrate.

swim,bike, run...welcome back....

it's all about pace said...

Sounds like you are back in the swing of things... want are VFFs?
Oh, and congrats on the 22 years!

Jess said...

Happy belated anniversary!

chris mcpeake said...

way to get those workouts in

MAJ said...

We listen to stairway almost every day before work! Haha!

"I was looking might fine in my Bikilas, but I always feel so short. LOL"

^love it.

Congrats on the anniversary :)

Joe said...

Dang, concerned for that shoulder, Wes. Hope that resolves for you.

Good job resetting the perspective after the terrific HM!!

LBTEPA said...

Happy delayed anniversary ;) fingers crossed for Florida, eh? We'll be there for another week after Goofy so maybe we could swim with the manatees or something?

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! And welcome back to training!! I may not be posting on my blog but I am trying to read others.

Kim said...

happy anniversary wes! go get your groove thang on!

Colleen said...

Happy delayed anniversary!

Michelle said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!

Take care of that shoulder!

Darrell said...

Wait, you lost me at "off season". There's and off season? Who knew? I think I need one of those right about now.

Karen said...

Nice..... the workouts and the chateau ;)

iJuls said...

Happy Anniversary.

Stuart said...

Congrats on the 22 years!

How do feel about the Bikilas?