Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Season in Review: 2010

It’s pretty amazing that I am at the point where I actually WANT to have a season in review.  I’m at the stage in my triathlon career where I have ridden the wave of euphoria just about as far as it is going to go.  The newness, the excitement of something new, is not that big a part of what I do now.  The onus is on me to keep the excitement alive and find new ways to stay invigorated.

I feel like I had been training all year.  A big race in May will do that to you.  I started swimming in January, running, and riding the trainer as well.  I didn’t have any lofty goals.  I wanted to do three half Ironmans and one Ironman.  I would have liked to go sub-6 in a half Ironman, and under 13 in the Ironman, but time goals are subject to so many different factors.

My first race of the season, Rev3 Knoxville, was a disappointment to say the least.  I was over weight, undertrained, and my expectations were way too high.  The hills of Tennessee have a way of correcting expectations.  Going into survival mode at a race of any distance is about as low as you can go, and still have fun :-)

Next up on my agenda…  Eagleman 70.3  I had originally intended to do this race, then backed out to support Dee Dee, only to take up the reins when she had to drop out due to her mother’s illness.  Given the course, this was my best chance at going sub-6.  Yea, the weather has a way of correcting expectations, LOL…  I remember the disappointment looking at my watch after the swim and seeing my worse swim time ever, then the satisfaction I felt of having my fastest half Ironman bike split ever.  Then, the heat drained me on the run, and I was back in survival mode.

The week after Eagleman, I did Callaway Garden’s Super Sprint for fun.  Good thing too, as I had my worst time ever.  It’s hard letting go of the digits, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Cohutta Springs is officially my redemption tri!  LOL…  I’m probably setting myself up for failure next year.  Every year I go there, I have such a blast, and I never worry about my time.  Perhaps that’s a clue?!?

Finally, Ironman Arizona.  The Ironman is such a beast.  Finishing, is in itself, a great victory.  I' know that I’ll do better someday, and I’m totally not worried about it.

So, in review…  I did two half Ironmans and a full.  I had to settle for Cohutta Springs because the cost of another half Ironman just wasn’t in my budget.  I didn’t PR any of my race distances, although I did have a course PR at Cohutta, a bike split PR at Eagleman, and marathon PR at Ironman Arizona, even if it WAS only six seconds!  HA!

With all that said, I didn’t meet ANY of my time goals for 2010.  My goals have not been unreasonable, but they have been rather obtuse.  I kinda said, let’s train this way and see if I can hit my goals.  Well, that didn’t’ work out so well.  What I did learn is that I did not train nearly enough for any of my half Ironmans.  Training for Ironman Arizona has shown me the way.  It also taught me much about the difference between being a self coached athlete and a coach coached athlete.  These are all things that are so very important for the future.

I’m at this point in my career where there is this huge gap between how fast I can get and where I currently am.  This gap is shrinking due to age.  My goal has to be to close this gap from the bottom, faster than age is closing it from the top.

In my next post, I’ll talk about a little bit about what I have planned for 2011!



Jeff said...

Hey man, congrats on IMAZ. Where did you stay when you were there? I am signed up for IMAZ 2011 so I'm doing a little research now.


Molly said...

Great attitude, Wes!!! It may not have been everything you expected but it was indeed a spectacular year!

Stef said...

I'm excited to see what your next plans are. As I struggle to figure out what I want mine to be . . .

Loved your IMAZ report too even though I didn't comment (sheepish smile). Read it twice.


Julie said...

What!?! You feel like you have been training all year! You!?! Wes, seriously, you have been working your tail off and have done some pretty amazing races. Maybe you didn't get the goal times that you were expecting but you have gained experience with all of your racing adventures:)

I had tons of time goals set for all of my different distance races. I only obtained 3 out of 7 of my goals:) We just need to keep on working or rethink our standards! Take care!

Michelle said...

You had an amazing year - glad you're feeling good about it. Can't wait to hear what next year's plans are!

Stuart said...

We are akin brothers captured in the second to last paragraph!

Here's to a bottom up 2011!

Lisa said...

I think you had a good year, actually a great year.

What I'm learning is that it isn't all about numbers really. There is something more. And I think you found that something more.

Jess said...

Wes I think you've had a pretty great year. You may not have had an overall PR, but you made some great strides in each of your different areas. Plus you said you learned a ton about what type of training will get you what type of results, that's great info to have going into a new year. Can't wait to read what's next!

Joe said...

Fascinating, isn't it, how one moves past that initial euphoria to a long-term plan which is much more measured. It's a good place to be.

And, yes, how does speed compare with age and progress and training and life?? Great stuff to contemplate.

Look forward to seeing your early take on 2011. I have my pencil in hand with my plans too....

Darrell said...

I got a good laugh out of all those things that correct expections. So true, so true. This is a great little synopsis of the year. Onward to 2011.