Thursday, October 28, 2010

Worlds Apart

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first.  I knew you’d like that.  Let me introduce you to my new bike.


Her name is “Aerowyn’s Haint”.  From the Urban Dictionary:

Southern colloquialism def., ghost, apparition, lost soul

I really don’t want to invoke Aerowyn’s memory in perpetuity on this blog, so she will also be referred to as “The Great White Haint”, and just Haint, for short.  She is a sweet sweet ride, and I can’t thank my friends enough for helping me to acquire her.

After spending some time with her on the Silver Comet this past weekend, I was excited to try her out on the flatness that is Columns Drive.  I still have to get there from work, and that involves a lot of 12-13 mph sashaying through the park.  Once I hit the road, however, it was game on.  The wind was fierce, but Haint and I were notching up some impressive miles in the 21-22 mph range.  I was very happy with this.  After getting back to the office, I capped the workout off with a short thirty minute run off.

Wednesday, it was back in the pool for a short-ish workout.  Time constraints limited me to around 2500 yards, even though I wanted to get in 2800 or so.  At this point, the extra 300 yards don’t mean much, so I jettisoned them with a clear conscience.  It was a nice swim though, and it helped me recover from my four mile run that morning.  I went barefoot for the first time in my K-swiss K-ona C shoes, and it worked out fairly well.  There’s just a little bit of irritation on my left foot, second smallest toe.  Something is scratching it.

That night, I had a hard time sleeping.  It was almost like I was doing a race or sumfin.  I was up at 2 AM, 3:30 AM, 4:45, until finally, I gave up and got out of bed.  The alarm was going off at 5:15 AM anyways.  I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get ready to run.  After eating breakfast and prepping, I was out the door at 6 AM.

My body was not ready to run this morning.  The cereal and yogurt sat heavily in my belly, and the glass(es) of wine I drank the night before had me feeling sluggish.  The temperatures were already in the 60’s, and the air was heavy with moisture.  Dee Dee had mentioned that a thunderstorm had passed through at 3 AM.

I followed the same route as my last long run, with one exception.  I added a 1+ mile loop up to and around Hobgood Park.  My supa-secret goal was to do 17 miles in 3 hours.  Last Ironman, my longest training run was 16 miles or so in 3 hours.  A “longer” long run would prove that my training was on track, and my fitness was ahead of where I was last time.

My ankles and feet were feeling pretty sore, and my right heel twinged me a couple of times on the way out.  Still, I felt pretty good on the way out.  I ran through some really tall grass (wheat? LOL) and got pretty wet near the turn around.  This, of course, led to the inevitable chaffing in sensitive places.  I really really need to be smarter than that and use the Body Glide!

Being my third run in a row, I felt that my legs would really start hurting sooner, rather than later.  Yet, I managed to maintain my pace all the way back to the hills outside my neighborhood.  At that point, if you know me, all pace goes go to hell in a hand basket.  Overall, I finished the run in 2:58:50.  This included running back and forth in front of my house to get to 17 miles :-)

I am very very pleased with this run.  Not only did I reach my goal, but I’m not nearly as trashed as I was after my last long run.  I think there’s some kind of barrier in the 14-16 mile range that, once broken, makes the longer runs easier.  Unlike my bike goal (85 miles in 4.5 hours), this goal was based on past experience, and what I can do and have done, rather than what I would like to do without in rational on which to base it.

Long swim tomorrow.  Huge brick on Saturday.  Some kind of recovery day Sunday.  Then, it’s taper time.  Thank God!  :-)



Molly said...

Woohoo! She looks great and it sounds like you are getting ready!!! Just a few weeks to go. Did you look up your bib #? I heard they are online.

Jess said...

Well, "Haint" that a shiny new ride!

Leana said...

Excellent long run Wes! And that is one nice looking ride! Enjoy the taper!

Stuart said...'s a Trequinox!

Jess said...

Love the new ride! Looking forward to hearing lots about her!

LBTEPA said...

Excdellent! What a sensational run to build your confidence :) and GORGEOUS new bike - long may you travel together :)

Julie said...

Oh Wes, your bike is beautiful:) I love her are so creative! May you have many wonderul miles together! Awesome job on the long run Wes! Time to taper and rest have a big race coming up:) Take care!

My Life and Running said...

You've worked so hard Wes! Congrats & try to enjoy the taper!