Friday, September 03, 2010

Compulsory Redumacation

If you go long, then you know this. There are times, and God help you if this doesn't happen on the way back, that you would just rather roll over and die than take one more step, one more spin, or one more stroke. Bonking? maybe. Exhausting? fer sure.

After my tire issues on Sunday, I felt compelled to get in my four hour ride. I have 12 weeks until Ironman AZ. 12!!! weeks. That's not a lot of time, and every workout is critical. Plus, I am reffing the Atlanta Cup this weekend. Riding long this weekend was not an option.

With the help of my super sherpa, Dee Dee, I identified Wednesday as my target date. I snuck out of the office shortly after 3 PM and mozied over to the Silver Comet Trail. My legs were pretty shot from last week ends tournament, there to fore, I had no expectations for this ride, other than stay in Zones 1 and 2 and get in four hours of riding.

This ride was everything Sunday's ride was not, up to a point. As every experienced Silver Comet Trail rider knows, there is a bit of trickery involved. You see. Out past the tunnel at mile marker 31, its downhill for 6-7 miles into Rockmart. Nothing easily discernible. Just that sense of easy riding and flying. I made it out to the 35-ish mile marker before turning around to come home, only to face 4 miles of false flat climbing. It was at that point that my legs decided that they had had enough.

Ummmm.... I'm still 31 miles from home.

Having been here before, I knew that there was no other way home than to pedal. My friend, the sheriff, was out on his four wheeler this time, so no luck there. More than a few times, I had to check my ego at the door. Mid zone 2 and 14 mph was just going to have to do. Time and distance just didn't matter.

It was getting quite dark by the time I pulled into the trail head. I was not pleased that it took me 9 minutes longer to get back then it did to go out, but that's just my ego talking. I spent over four hours in the saddle, necessary prep work for next week, when I bump both my weekend long rides up by thirty minutes. I'll be happy when this weekend is over, and my training can get back to "normal". Times a wasting...

Have a great weekend, y'all! Stay safe out there...



Lisa said...

That's the good part of an out and gotta get back!

Time in saddle - check!

Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

um did i tell you i will be at IM AZ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice job cranking out that ride!

JV said...

That has happened to me before and an ice cold Coke from the can and a banana from a gas station brought me back quickly! I am envious you still have your IM on the schedule. It goes by too quickly! Enjoy!

Mike Russell said...

Like you said Wes, nothing to do but keep on pedaling. I was doing a century with my pals last weekend and we hit HUGE headwind at mile 75. We literally were doing 5.0 mph, even with the group. I ran the numbers and though, hell, we have 5 hours left on this ride.

No bueno.

Lauren said...

That whole 'way back' on the SC can be disheartening - be it 7 miles back or 35. Who ever said the SCT was 'flat' was on crack.

Great job for getting the time in the saddle. You're going to rock IMAZ!!!

LBTEPA said...

you do know that 'bonking' has a completely different meaning over here in Oz? ;)
glad you got home ok, not that there was any doubt

Tea said...

oh man Wes, I really really hope we get to meet in AZ. I just want to tell you in person how amazing I think you are!

challenges2010 said...

Been there,done that. You need to phone the sheriff BEFORE going on your bike rides. That way he'll have the proper ride for bringing you home :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Kevin said...

Its always rough when that happens on the comet. There is no option other then HTFU and make it back however slow it may be