Monday, August 16, 2010

In Search of Pace

Highlights from a Busy Weekend
  • Congratulations to Lauren and Duane who were drawn at random to receive some anti-Monkey Butt powder. I have been using it pretty consistently on my long rides for the past couple of weekends. I ride long on Saturday and Sunday. I'm happy to report that with a little bit of Body Glide, and some Anti-Monkey Butt powder, my nether regions are all healed up now! Send me your address to my email so that I can forward it to the appropriate peeps.
  • I found some pace charts in some book I was perusing on the web (Going Long??) that offered paces roughly corresponding to your five zones. I decided that I would use "zone 2" pace for my long swim on Friday. It basically consisted of a 800 yard warm up and cool down, with as many 400 yard intervals as I could get in during an hour. At my zone 2 pace, I should swim 400 yards in 7 minutes. Well, I was coming in at about 6 and a half, without even trying very hard. Somebody needs to take a new swim test, or all the tests for that matter.
  • Saturday and Sunday were my long rides on the Silver Comet Trail. I was doing some research on the interweb, and I've set myself a goal of doing 85 miles in four and a half hours when my "real" Ironman training begins in a couple of weeks. I managed 112 miles on Saturday and Sunday, averaging 18.5 mph. I'm not far off.
  • On my ride Sunday, I got tagged by something with a sting. Not sure what it was, but it bounce off my helmet, landed on my knee, and quickly registered its displeasure with my getting in its way. This, on top of getting stung in between my toes by a wasp a couple of weeks ago! That hurts!!
  • Despite working so hard on Saturday to get to 66.5 miles (19 mph avg, and I actually took 5 minutes longer coming back), the Garmin told me I only spent 30 minutes in Zone 3. I "thought" I had done 2x30 in Zone 3. I was disappointed!! Still have work to do!
  • My run off on Sunday was simply wonderful. My long runs have really been paying off. I managed to negative split my 30 minute run: 10:02, 9:43, 9:19 or something like that, and the last mile was slightly uphill the whole way. I was workin it!
  • I'm in search of another half Iron distance race to tune up for IM Arizona. Augusta just doesn't fit into this family's plans at this time. As much as I'd like to take another crack at it, sometimes, you just gotta let it go.
Let's make it a great week, y'all!



Kim said...

i would say you are kicking butt on your training wes!! wow, 112 miles average 18.5 mph? fassssstt!!!!!

yikes, stay away from those wasps/bees, mmm kay?

and let me suggest Firmman Half Ironman in September :)

Jess said...

Guess that's what happens when you get in the way of insects :)

Michelle said...

Wow, Wes, you are doing awesome with your training! Hope you don't have any more run-ins with stinging insects, though!

Firefly's Running said...

I don't like any flying insect...period. We are getting hit with mosquitoes BIG TIME here and it's not making running outdoor fun at all.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Nice work. I feel like I have been slacking even though I know I haven't too much.

Lisa said...

I haven't been stung in a while (knock on wood) but I have a million bug bites on my arm from working the race on Sunday. Stupid insects.

Scott Keeps Running said...

You were workin' it for sure. (fo sho?)

Makita said...

Yikes! I haven't been stung by a wasp in years. Nice work on the paces! :D

Karen said...

You did 112mile ride on Saturday AND Sunday - like 224 mile weekend... or did I read that wrong... either way 112 or 224 sounds like a GREAT weekend.... as for the sting... shudder... that would put me in the hospital (or just in a zipped up bag)

Stuart said...

That's two nice, no doubt that extra mile or two per hour will be showing up soon!

Nice job

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

first off - my very own sis is the one who wanted me to stop all of this stupid biking stuff. HER WORDS not mine. #!$#@
second - Scott will NEVER give up beer. in fact I think he is still sneaking junk food in by the shovels. this only pisses me off since I have to be "good" not to gain weight. :(

Your training sounds like it is moving right along. We are digging the zone training. I am a BIG believer and we both are seeing improvements with our riding and climbing.

what is up with the bees this year?

challenges2010 said...

Sorry you got stung but glad to see it happens to others on the bike :-)