Monday, July 12, 2010

Life's Little Mysteries

I woke up Saturday at 6 AM. It's a lot easier to do that without the influence of alcohol, a definite benefit to THAT change in my diet. Twice a month, the Concourse Tri Club has an open water swim at Red Top Mountain. They moved it up to 8:30 AM, and I thought it would be cooler (literally) to get my run in before the swim, rather than after. I dilly-dallied just a little, but still managed to get to The Lodge at 7 AM. My run was an hour twenty. That would leave me ten minutes to get ready for my swim.

The first thing I noticed on pulling into the parking lot was that the lodge was closed. I couldn't pay the parking fee. I hemmed and hawed and even thought about leaving. Finally, I decided to write a note and leave it on my dash, hoping to avoid a ticket. I saw the pay station next to the trail. I decided to take an envelope and put the tag on my mirror and still pay later. I wasn't about to stuff a twenty into an envelope that only called for four dollars.

Temperatures must have been in the seventies when I finally started running. Everything started out OK, but conditions quickly deteriorated. The mugginess in the forest was oppressive, and the breeze non-existent. After running for forty minutes, I came out by the lodge. I grabbed my twenty dollar bill and went in and tried to pay my fee. The park ranger said that the bank was not open and wouldn't open for another twenty minutes. I rolled my eyes and promised to come back later. I paid a visit to the l'il boyz room and instantly felt one hundred percent better. Funny how that works out. I was able to to put in another twenty minutes before having to cut it short and get ready for my swim.

The crowd at the lake was a little smaller this time. I needed to put in 2300 yards, so I took off across the lake and came back as a warm up, about 200 meters in total. When the swim got underway, I followed the lead group off down the cove. I was feeling Friday's swim in my shoulders and lats. At first, I thought that this would be my last open water swim for while. By the time I got back, I had finally settled in and really enjoyed myself. I focused on form and technique, and not on fighting the water. I was REALLY happy to see a time of 37 minutes and 1.2 miles. Basically, I traded 2 minutes for a much easier swim. Lesson learned.

I ran another twenty minutes after the swim to get in my full time. Brilliant...

Dee Dee got up at 4 AM on Sunday to get ready for work. I rolled out of bed shortly thereafter, ate breakfast, tossed Dee Dee into the car along with my bike and gear, and took off for the Silver Comet Trail. I dropped Dee Dee off at her work first, and still managed to arrive at the trail ten to fifteen minutes before daylight. I took my time setting up and even put on sunscreen. At dawns first light I was off.

The ride itself was uneventful, except for the three trees that were down ON the trail. I literally had to carry my bike over two of them, and one of them was huge. I was sure I was gonna kill myself. Cyclo-cross anyone? I barely managed Zone 3 and Zone 2 on the ride. I was definitely feeling my trail run from the previous day. I managed to cover fifty miles in about two hours and fifty minutes. The forty minute run off wasn't quite the struggle they have been. Overall, a good day.

On the way home, I found Dee Dee's sun glasses that she "lost" months and months ago. They were in the sun glasses holder in her car. I guess that's the last place anybody would look for them.

I was downstairs on the computer watching TV. Dee Dee had come home from work and was doing something in the laundry room. She yelled at me that she had found "it". What was it, I wondered? Dee Dee found her gold bracelet in the laundry room! This was the gold bracelet that Dee Dee thought she had accidentally dropped in some kid's Halloween basket over nine years ago.

Yea, that one. The one that is irreplaceable.

It was in the laundry room this whole time, and nobody ever saw it. Not Dee Dee. Not I. Not the repair men...

I sent Dee Dee to the store for a lottery ticket. I'm feeling lucky and blessed...



Julie said...

Nice job on the swim Wes!

Tell Dee Dee that I did the same thing with my sunglasses! I thought that I had lost them and I was looking everywhere for them! One day my daughter popped open my sunglasses holder....and there they were:) WTH! Yea, I felt really stupid:) I am glad that Dee Dee found her bracelet....the two of your must be elated!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Maybe that's where my sunglasses are too...


challenges2010 said...

I find or remember a lot of things when I'm not searching for it. Surprising how that works so often!

Hey did you remember to go back and pay your $4? Just curious :-)

Jon Gilchrist said...

sounds like a worthwhile trade off there yeah?