Friday, April 16, 2010

Riding to Recover

I surreptitiously slipped out of the office at 4:30 PM and made my way home. Matthew was playing football in the front yard. We are transferring him to Jimmy's high school next year, and he has dreams of greatness.

Dad, do you think I can play football?

Matthew, you've never been tackled or hit anybody in your life. Are you ready for this?

I'm fast, Dad! I want to play wide receiver and free safety!!

You can do ANYTHING you want to do, son. It just depends on how bad you want it.

I flung together my gear and loaded the bike onto the back of the Silver Streak. There wasn't much time to get ready. I yelled at Matthew that I was leaving in 8 minutes to take him to soccer practice. If he was coming with me, he'd better be ready. And? Oh yea, the trip included dinner.

We drove to Terrill Mill Park, which is located on the other side of the Soap Creek from Columns Drive. I dropped Matthew off, pumped up my tires, geared up, and got on the road. I didn't really have much of a plan. I just wanted to get in 45-60 minutes of a good recovery ride. I made the left out of the park onto Terrill Mill Road and took that down to where it joined Lower Roswell. I was treated to the sweetest 2 miles of downhill. Just what my tired legs needed. Coasting! :-) There was a short uphill leading back to Johnson's Ferry Road, but I knew from running in them parts that there was a side road that would take me down by my son's soccer fields. I made a left through an expensive neighborhood and came out north of the park on Johnson's Ferry (A six lane road). I stayed in the right lane, made my way down the huge hill to Columns Drive, and on into the bike lanes.

Columns Drive was busy. With my legs suitably warmed up, I increased my pace into high Zone 2 and enjoyed the flatness of the river road. Twice, I got passed by a threesome of triathletes. I reminded myself that I was recovering and not to get caught up in what they were doing.

That's when the negotiations started....

I feel pretty good. I should do SOME intensity. I'm holding the gap steady now. I'm closing on them a leeeeetle bit. What is that? Zone 4? I don't feel like this is Zone 4! OK. Backing off now. This will ruin my weekend long ride.

After one five mile loop of Columns Drive, I made my way back up the hill on Johnson's Ferry, managing to reach Zone 4 again. The ride down Paper Mill road was a tough one, but it was the quickest way back to Terrill Mill Park. It started off with a short climb by the soccer fields, then another short climb, followed by a long, treacherous downhill to Soap Creek. I kept applying my brakes, just to make sure I didn't end up in the "crick", as my grandmother always says.

Of course, on the other side of the creek was the climb. I switched into my lowest gear and began grinding it out. My muscles reminded me often that they were tired from yesterday's run. I refused to walk. I watched my HR climb: Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5! Hadn't seen that in a while. Then it was over... A nice flat stretch of road opened up back to the park.

I threw Aerowyn in the back of the SUV and slipped into my running shoes. Terrill Mill Road is basically flat. I figured 25 minutes would be a good compromise after my long run from the previous day. I made a right out of the park and ran towards the interstate. My legs were feeling pretty spry. I turned in the first mile at 10:32, and managed to bring in the second mile at 9:43. I followed this up with another 4 minutes of running, then a short walk, and called it a day!

This weekend, I have my "over distance" day on the bike. I'm not shooting for 75 miles like I did before Augusta 70.3, but something in the 60's would be nice. I'll follow this up with an hour or so run on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, y'all!



teacherwoman said...

Nice job Wes! have a great weekend and enjoy your training!

Jess said...

Nice job on the bike and run! Good luck with your ride this weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Wes,
Awesome job on that killer workout:) I love how positive you are with your son!! I bet he feels like he can take on the world:) To be young again! Happy Friday!

Ryan said...

Have a great weekend and showing some restraint will pay off for your 60 miler.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great workout. Have a fabulous weekend!

challenges2010 said...

I have a hard time sticking to training plans too when things are going well or you see someone else training.

Thanks for the reply Wes. Looks like I'll need a new bike on top of the shorts and seat as it turns out I wrecked both rims and one tube going over a railroad track on my first ride!

Makita said...

Awesome brick! Puts me to shame. :)

Lisa said...

Nicely executed brick. Well done.

Have a superb weekend, Wes!

Stuart said...

Sounds like a solid plan for the weekend...hope it all pan'd out for you!

PS you're officially blocked at my work as porn!