Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Feb10 Digits

February was a good month for me. I went from starting out slow and steady to radically changing my approach and training with a purpose. I increased my mileage in each category except for running. I was short changed a day or two there, so I 'm not worried about. The good news was that I got my weekly mileage up to 19 miles there at the end...

Swim: 9.4 miles
Bike: 159.9 miles
Run: 58 miles

As I started out on my long run Sunday, I got to thinking. That's a bad habit when you run a lot, that thinking. While I'm sure its a good thing that I am already at my max running time for half ironman training, its probably a little over kill, yes? I wanted to do an hour forty-five but thought better of it and came in at one forty. I know. Big compromise, but if you tack on the 5 minutes of walking or so at the end, it was really a bit shorter.

I'm all signed up for the Atlanta Beat's Race to Empower a Bold Community next weekend. I'm looking forward to using this race to see how my running legs are. Should be fun. Right after the race, I have to take off for Savannah GA to pick up Jimmy and take him to visit Georgia Southern. I've never been to Savannah and am looking forward to it.

Finally, Julie over at Julie's Running Blog tagged me to tell you 10 interesting things about myself you might not know. Here we go:
  1. My childhood nickname was beer can. I wonder why?
  2. The nuns in grade school called me absent minded professor.
  3. The nuns said I would make a good priest. LOL...
  4. My first car was Ford Zephyr stick shift.
  5. I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in business.
  6. I am the second of four children (B, B, G, B)
  7. Choosing to live by my principles requires will power, every day.
  8. Sometimes, I'm too easy going for my own good.
  9. I have never broken a bone (now I'm in trouble)
  10. I have a birth mark on my backside just beneath my left hip. Those of you I have mooned of course already know this.
First six people that want to do this one, go!

I had a recovery ride yesterday. 47 minutes of Zone 1 and 2. Not sure what I was expecting, but I was not expecting a TRIMP value of 27. That's pretty darn light, but its GOOD TO KNOW.

Over the hump... Week end, dead ahead :-)



Julie said...

Hello my southern blogger friend,
Congrats for the month of February!! You did good:)

Thanks for accepting my tag:) You have a great list of things!! I think it is funny that your nick name was beer can and that the nuns thought that you would be a good priest!! You charmed them over did you!! Only you Wes!! You are not still mooning people...are you?? I just happen to like that you are easy going and it shines through in your blog!! You always make me laugh with your conversational and amusing posts:) Thank you Wes!! Have a great day!!

Jess said...

Very solid month of training! Nice job Wes!

Sarah said...

Mooning? Yikes! Training is lookin good tri stud! So excited you're racing Rev3!

Kevin said...

Sounds like a solid month

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Nice month end numbers. Not sure why I stopped logging mine.... you have me thinking of starting again.

Looks like we are going to have a very nice weekend ahead. NO SNOW!!

Carolina John said...

your february numbers look remarkably like mine. hmmmmm.....

Solid month bro! rock on. that's a good meme too.

Jennifer Harrison said...

GOOD job in FEB, Wes! And, BEER CAN was your nickname growing up? I LOVE IT. Mine was, "Long tall Sally!" haha. Ah, the days. lol

Have a great March!

Michelle said...

Nice February numbers!!