Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quarter Exams are Over!

Monday was one of those mini-epic days. I started my Super Bowl partying on Saturday, and as a direct result of that, I was a total mess by Monday. If you want a precursor to what an Ironman marathon feels like, treat your body like shit for two days then do 1.5 to 2 hours of intense training.

Morning came early, and as is often the case when I am not quite yet sober, I did not want to get out of bed. I, however, fully realized that I had commitments. I don't know what dumb ass decided to book two workouts for the first time on (on a Monday) the Monday after the Super Bowl. When I find out, I'm going to Rochambeau him (as long as I get to go first).

All day at work, I was struggling to find any sense of a normal energy level. Copious amounts of coffee helped the morning fly by, but by the afternoon, I was toast. By close of business, I had leveled off at blah.

I drove to the gym straight from work. I had decided to make Monday a "real" training day and take Friday off as usual this week. That would make scheduling much easier. When I arrived, I was a bit peeved to see the Aqua Aerobics class using the pool. Come on, ole peeps! Isn't three times a week at 9AM enough? Against my better judgment, I opted to do my strength training first. Time is precious, ya know. Did I mention this was the first strength session where I moved up to two sets of each exercise? Ouch! By the time I made it into the pool, my entire body was busted, even though I intentionally held back. It made for a most interesting mediocre swim set.

Tuesday arrived: the final test. I had read my plan wrong. I was scheduled for an ET test (Effort Test) and not an EP test (Effort Pace, more like a TT). I was delighted to see this technical change. Also, I had the format of the test wrong. It goes some thing like this. Warm up, then raise your HR to 80% of your heart rate reserve (.8 * HRR + resting heart rate). Click go on the timer and record your time when you get to 1.5 miles.

I waited all day to take the test. I mean all day. It wasn't until American Idol was over at 9 PM before I finally made it to the gym. It took me almost a mile to fully warm up. When I hit start on the timer, I was running at 6.7 mph. I haven't run this fast all year (yet). By the time I got to 1.5 miles, I had dropped down to 5.7 mph. It took me 15:06 to go 1.5 miles, for about a 10 minute pace.

At this stage of the game, I am pleased to have these base line numbers. I'm not reading much into them, but it will be interesting to see how they change as I progress this season. Once it warms up outside, I am going to gear up for a 5K and a 10K time trial.

One notch up on the HTFU meter :-)



Kim said...

i wish i was done with my quarterly exams! congrats wes - what a great baseline start to the season!

Jess said...

I can't believe you had it in you to go to the gym at 9 pm! I would have said "f*&$ it" and skipped it! Congrats on following through and getting all the tests done!

Julie said...

Hi Wes,
So, my Southern Gentleman friend from the Heart of Dixie had him self just a little bit of a Super Bowl party hangover!! I am so sorry:) Bummer, I know how it sucks to attempt to workout when your body feels like crap and your head is pounding:) Good for you for getting your testing done:) Sounds like everything is working out for you....I am not a Tri-girl so I will take your word for it!!! I hope that you are having a most excellent day Wes:))

Michelle said...

You're crazy with all this testing : ) It's so going to pay off, though - I predict another fabulous race season for you!

Renee said...

Good job on making it the gym! I feel you on the water aerobics. I like seeing them in the pool way more than seeing them in the locker room though!!

Karen said...

WTF... 9pm is like nearly bed time!

Well done for making it though although a test at 9pm seems a sign of madness if you ask me ;o0