Friday, October 09, 2009

What Up Now?

It's almost been two weeks since the half Ironman. I am in a typical place. My heart doesn't want this year to be over. My body wants this year to be over. My mind is torn between two lovers.

I guess one of the good things about not having October and November races is that I don't have to struggle to find time and get games to referee. I pulled a full load last Sunday, one 90 minute line, then two 90 minute centers, all adults. It made for a long day. My legs held up surprisingly well, although they were pretty sore the next day.

Wednesday, I managed to ease back into running. Nothing structured, mind you. I thought thirty minutes at whatever pace I could take was a good idea. I managed almost two and a half miles, but I walked a lot of the hills and was happy with that. I told myself that time and HR really just have no meaning right now, and they won't for a while. Competitiveness, even with myself, is out!

My legs felt really good Thursday. I decided to sneak in another run during Matthew's soccer practice. Again, nothing spectacular, but I felt like adding an extra mile mile or so. I ran in my Zoots. They need more mileage. It probably wasn't a great idea, as they have very little padding.

On the triathlon front, I am reading my book on nutrition. I really want to focus on an endurance athlete's diet, geared to the 175lb person, and work hard on getting my weight down closer to where it should. Baby steps first!! First order of business is focusing on daily hydration. According to the manual, I need to drink 8 oz of water per hour all day long, more when I exercise. I've got a lot to learn.

After I finish reading my nutrition book, its back to strength training with Tri Power. The workouts and periodization outlined in this book should help me through the winter training months.

Dee Dee has chosen her first Ironman 70.3!! The winner? Ironman Branson 70.3! It looks like, come September of next year, Dee Dee and I will be making a little trip to Mizzou. Never been there, and I'm really looking forward to it.

As for myself, I'm looking at the Rev3 triathlon in Knoxville in May, Callaway Gardens in June, maybe Chattanooga again this year, and wrapping up the year at Ironman Miami 70.3, if I can get registered in time.

That's the tentative plan for next year. Nothing like a little excitement to keep on motivated!

Have a great weekend, y'all!



Molly said...

I love that nutrition book - it's really helpful!

Maybe we'll see you guys at Knoxville!!!

Missy said...

Yay for Dee Dee! How fun for both of you. That will be great, good times. Yeah, I'm still working on my season and ready for it to be over. Late season races are overrated;)

Sarah said...

ooh, selfishly I hope you pick the Rev3! I need to register. My friend is trying to talk me into Miami 70.3, but I'm not sure I want to commit to something a few months after IM. Excited for Dee Dee's choice!

Michelle said...

Good attitude going into 2010. You had an awesome exciting year of racing Wes!! Really impressive!!

So what sort of diet will you be following? Help a sista out!!!! I need to shed a few!!!

Good luck my brother in running!!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

exciting plans for next year.

i'm still a week away from my last hurrah of this season (and sort of my first hurrah at the same so it's hard for me to relate quite yet...

Nikemom said...

I've thought about MO... I'm interested in your tri book on weights... worth checking out?

Michelle said...

Looks like you have some good reading to get you through the off-season : )

Jess said...

Sounds like a good 2010 is in store for you both!

Annette said...

I hear ya about the mind/body conflict. I swear it happens to me every year - if not multiple times in a year! Good luck with the plan for next year and the eating! :)

Joe said...

Nice collection of thoughts and plans.

Hope the running work can go well over the winter.

Stef said...

Lookin' good!

I'm curious, what made Dee Dee pick Bronson for her half?

And which Rev 3 Knoxville are you looking at, Oly or Half?

Exciting times!!!!!

LBTEPA said...

Competitiveness, even with myself, is out!
I wonder how long that will last....?
HUGE congrats to DeeDee on her big goal! What's the time cutoff? hey're all 7.5 hours here, too fast for me :( But she's probably a better cyclist than I am. Go DeeDee!

Stuart said...

That's a great book I have a well thumbed copy but 8oz per hour is a bucket load of water in a day...literally and metaphorically!

Looks like a nicely firm plan for '10

Jess said...

Glad Dee Dee picked out a 70.3!! That's so awesome and I'm sure you will have a fun time!

Karen said...

Hey GREAT NEWS for DeeDee... Good for her is what I say.... As for you - sort that nutrition out, when it talks about 8oz of fluid you do understand beer doesn't count?! Mwahhhh ;o)

Runner Leana said...

Congrats to Dee Dee for picking her first 70.3!!!