Friday, July 03, 2009

Keep Your Mouth Shut

First things first!! Down to bidneth....

The winner of the $75.00 Saucony gift certificate from is:

Lisa @ Chasin Bunnies!!

Congratulations, Lisa! I have sent your contact information to the marketing peeps at Online Shoes dot com. Let me know if you haven't heard from them by next week!

I am off to Mobile this weekend to visit with my mother. Now that I have no restaurant holding me back, I have no excuses to get home and see my family more often. Matthew and I will be packing it in this afternoon and making the short-ish drive. The down side is that Dee Dee has to work again and will not be making the trip with us. Boo!!

In order to stay on track, I packed Dee Dee, Matthew, and the bikes in the car and made the trip to the Silver Comet Trail yesterday evening for my one hour bike ride. I rode for 20 minutes with Dee Dee and Matthew, then wrapped up the final 40 minutes by myself. Even though the outside temperatures were in the high 80's, the Silver Comet is mostly shaded, and it was most enjoyable. Unlike riding in the morning, the clouds of bugs were out in full force. I quickly learned to keep my mouth closed and breath through my nose. Bugs don't really have a taste, but they are awkward going down :-)

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend!! Stay safe, and I'll see you on the flip side of the fireworks!!!



Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

WoooHooo! Thanks so much. :-)

I swallowed a few bugs on a ride last month. No fun. Quickly learned the same thing - keep your mouth shut! LOL

Lily on the Road said...

Congrat's Lisa!!! A most deserving recipient!!!

Have a GREAT 4th of July Wes, so sorry Dee Dee can't go, we have to find that girl another job!

Enjoy your visit, drive safe and see you soon.

Michelle said...

Have a fun weekend!!

Darrell said...

"Bugs don't really have a taste." That's funny, I'd always heard they tasted like chicken! LOL, doesnt' everything?

Congrats to Lisa and I love the bunny theme running through the blogs at the moment. 8-)

Jess said...

Congrats to Lisa!

Enjoy your holiday weekend, Wes!

Carolina John said...

hope you had a great trip! it's nice to get out and see far away family.

Kevin said...

Bugs are always good for some extra protein.

Smithposts said...

Think Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls, bugs = protien. Have a great visit with your mother. Hopefully Dee Dee can make the next trip to Mobile.

Stuart said...

Think of all that free protein your passing on!