Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Laps

cra zy - [krey-zee] adjective, -zi⋅er, -zi⋅est, noun, plural -zies.
  1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.
  2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.
lap - [lap] verb, lapped, lap⋅ping, noun
  1. The amount of material/distance to go around a thing once.
cra zy lap - [krey-zee lap] noun
  1. running around in a circle, at the utmost speed, when the reason for such activity is not readily apparent to the casual observer.
This is a term coined by my Coach to descibe the activities of her dog, Boss. In case you were wondering, Boss is a chihuhua, and I suspect that the name is very fitting :-) When Boss gets excited, he does crazy laps until he collapses in exhaustion. I think this is where Elizabeth gets the inspiration for her track workouts.

Of course, I have my suspicions that Boss may be altering my workouts behind Coach's back, as this photographic evidence seems to support.

Personally, I have done speed work, but I have never done a track workout, other than my recertification tests. When I told Coach that I was adding a 10K to my schedule in July, she said, "You will do TRACK!" I could almost hear the glee in her voice through the email. Sure enough, after my fitness test, the track workout shows up on my schedule, along with the note, You are going to LOVE this...

The last time I tried to do a track workout, I discovered that both high schools by my house kept their tracks locked. I understand the reason behind this, but I am a tax payer, and I would like to run on a track that is paid for with my money. After doing a bit of Google Maps reconnisance, I discovered the track up by Bolling Park, which belongs to Cherokee High School. If worse came to worse, and this track was locked, I could run on the one mile trail at Bolling Park, using my Garmin to clock the distance.

Up and at'em early this morning! I got to the track at 7:30 AM to discover it was indeed accessible. Score!! I started my twenty minute warm up. It was cool, but muggy. The track was in a depression, and the sun had not yet peaked over the trees. Keeping with my new attitude of "the right effort at the right time", I walked a good bit and hit the port-a-potty before starting my first interval. The workout called for descending ladders, 1600m, 800m, 400m, with an easy 400m in between.

On the first interval, I, of course, felt strong. I reminded myself to hold back, as Coach wanted me to negative split the run AND come in faster on the second set of intervals. My mile came in at 8:14. I thought that was reasonable, given my time on Saturday. I did my recovery lap and went right into my 800 meter interval. It was getting hotter now, and harder. My time came in at 4:02, definitely faster than my mile pace, but would I be able to go faster the second time around? The third interval was hard. Mentally, I was fine, but I could feel my body getting tired. My left knee started to hurt, and I worked hard on keeping good form. My time for the third interval was 1:56.

I was very grateful that I had brought two bottles of water, one of which I converted to G2. It was getting hot, and I was sweating up a storm. After drinking half the bottle, I started my second mile interval. I tried hard to keep up the pace, but my body just wasn't having it. I came in at 8:16, a tad bit slower than my first mile. I walked the top half of the track before resuming my easy jog. When I reached the starting point, I took off again, determined to do "better", but again, my body just wasn't having it. My 800 meters came in at 4:20, and this did not make me happy! After my recovery run, I was determined to beat my first 400 meters. I gave this last lap everything I had and came in at 2:02. Just damn :-(

I dripped with sweat all the way home. Next time, I remember to bring a towel. I gave this workout a lot of thought. It WAS a great workout. It showed me that I can hold an 8-8.5 minute pace for 5 or more miles. With my warm up, my total mileage for the day was 6.75 miles. That's extremely long for me for a mid week run. To top it off, I wasn't 100% from my run on Saturday. In retrosepct, I am not going to quibble over 5 or 20 seconds for that matter. I will learn to hold back a little more on those first intervals AND negative split my run.

It's all money in the bank...



Stuart said...

Track/speed work is instant gratification...nice job considering the heat, maybe a cooler trackside is they way to go?

Kim said...

GREAT JOB WES! i think elf and jen h discuss and laugh about making us do track workouts. i HATE it more than ANYTHING (well, i hate swimming). i cant believe those tracks are locked! crazy talk!

Carolina John said...

crazy laps sounds like fun! i'll still take my speedwork on the treadmill though.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Track is allows a great workout AFTER the pain is over.

I normally hang with the track for a few weeks and just as I begin to see improvement I somehow don't return. Not sure why now that I think about it.

Stick with it!!!

Jess said...

And, like Boss, you now have used up your excess energy for the day and will sleep well tonight!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Nice work! Crazy. But well done!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great workout!

LBTEPA said...

Youll blitz that 10km Wes - go get 'em!

Jess said...

Wow those are crazy laps! Nice job on getting them done and next time you will most definitely negative split. P.S. Love the picture of the Boss with the computer haha!

Darrell said...

I find the track to be sooo challenging. Good job gettin' 'er done.

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Funny...I've seen Liz hide track in my schedule after a rest week too. Hmmm. Great work on the track; speedwork is never easy.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hahahah Crazy Laps. I.love.that.term.

Good job at the track! :-)

An Athlete In Training said...

Nice job with that speed work. In December, you might look back at this post and wish for that heat again though!

Ryan said...

Liz must be the devil because track time sucks huge!

But it is necessary and makes you stronger so well done Wes.

Runner Leana said...

Great job on the track workout! That sounds like a tough one if it keeps getting hotter while you are out there. Surely that can account for a second or two here or there, right?

Haha, I totally understand the canine version of crazy laps!! When we went to pick out Maggie (my parent's Scottie dog) from the breeder we were introduced to her mom first. She was running crazy laps around her pen. My mom said, "boy, I sure hope our dog doesn't inherit that trait." And um yeah...Maggie is a crazy lapper too (until she tires herself out since she's a wee bit portly).

Marni said...

That pic is soo cute!!! Looks like your training is going well. Having a coach is great to keep you motivated and to take the thinking away from workouts. Enjoy!