Monday, March 23, 2009

I Miss My Coach

Tidbits, Wes-isms, and Revelations

Triathlon training is in full swing.  I find myself staring at a lot of twos (2s):  swim twice, bike, twice, run twice, strength twice.  The routine I am following seems to be working for me fairly well.  It just so happens the days I work from home are my swim days.  I pay my $3.00 to rent a lane (loosely speaking) at the Mountain View Aquatic Center.  This is a top notch facility and meets my needs perfectly, even if I have to drive twenty-five minutes to get there.

I am following the 15 week sprint plan from the book, "Training Plans for Multi-sport Athletes".  After two weeks, I find myself missing my coach.  Does anyone want to fill in for her?  Here are the criteria:
  • Must be around 4 ft 2 inches tall*
  • A professional triathlete
  • Wit of untold sharpness
  • Able to proscribe interesting workouts without thought
  • Have bad swim math
  • Have soft, if short, shoulder to cry on
  • infinite patience
  • and the kicker, work for $25.00 a month or trade for poor IT skillz...
Anyone wishing to apply for the job, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.  No solicitations please.

Despite missing two workouts last week (for my anniversary), things have been going well.  Til, this weekend, almost all of my workouts have been indoors.  I managed to get out Saturday for a long run.  The plan called for forty-five minutes.  I, however, felt the need for something longer.  I ended up doing 6.15 miles in a little over an hour.  My faith was justified as my legs felt wonderful after the run.  This continues to prove that for now, my base training is all about reviving my cardiovascular system.

Sunday, Dee Dee wanted to ride her bike outside.  We made the thirty-five minute ride to the Silver Comet Trail.  It was around fifty degrees when we started.  I like being warm when I ride.  I wore tights and dragged out my Ironman cycling jacket for the first time.  The first ten or fifteen minutes, the clothing was just right, but then I started to sweat and ended up a tad bit warm.  I find myself re-learning how to dress, which is amusing.  I'll take slightly too warm over slightly too cold anyday.

After my ride, I hustled to the soccer field and refereed for 260 minutes.  Half way through my last game, I was really feeling it in my legs.  The league sent an assessor out to comment on our games, and I got some really good advice.  I am excited about this new opportunity.  Hands on training has been few and far between in the seven years I have been officating.  I fully realize that, in the future, I will need to incorporate officiating into my training plan.  My poor knees took a pounding on the hard soccer fields, and I don't want to over do it.

I will leave you with this interesting tidbit I gleaned from a professional triathlete's blog:

No matter how fit I am, training hurts!

Have a great week everybody!


* she's not really 4'2"  :-)


Missy said...

Thanks for the job offer but I don't fit the bill but over a foot and a half;)

I'm with you on the training - I can do two's but I sit here wondering how I did all THAT last year. Sheesh!

Carolina John said...

sounds like you're back into the full swing of things. nice.

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh thanks for sharing that quotation from the pro! It helps to know that even at that level there's some pain. Yay for you and Dee Dee getting out to ride together!

Jess said...

Aside from being short, I don't think I possess any of your coach's qualities!

Steph Bachman said...

Doug is a good coach. He's not short though, and doesn't really like crying.

If you and Dee Dee are both swimming, it might be cheaper to do the yearly pass instead of paying as you go. Course, we got the yearly pass and now only I go.

Marcy said...

I don't know about the rest of that stuff but I can wield a whip like no one's bidness! :P

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

With the exception of the wit, I'm afraid I'm not qualified.

LBTEPA said...

I love that quote (in a scared way) - but the hurt is what it's about, isn't it!

Shannon said...

You sound like your doing everything right. It probably helps with those smokin' abs you got from P90X.

Jess said...

Well as I only ever run, guess I can't be your new coach! But it sounds like you're doing awesome on yor own!

Sarah said...

Mmm, struck out on the first one! ;) Sounds like you are working hard though with the training plan. Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!

Andy said...

I cannot wait to get this next 12 weeks over with so that I can go back to 8 hours a week being a lot of training! Jealous!

Michelle said...

Love the quote. Glad the training is off to a good start!

Michelle said...

I would love to be your coach but I am not the right height nor do I do tri's. What is a tri anyway?? :O)

NAH!!! I know.

Hey i ran 3 miles today. 32.13. WOO!!!

Your doing great my friend!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job getting back into triathlon training.

and happy belated anniversary!

Karen said...

Sorry - at 5'8 looks like I'm outta the running!!

Think that was the same aquatic center I used last year when I was over - it's nice as I recall.

Oh and memories of freezing and wet on a very unseasonal day on the SCT!


Looks like you're tracking along nicely without the coach. Good luck on the soccer front too!

Gotta Run said...

Check out the book called "BeIronFit" by Don Fink. It is what i am following and it rocks!!

I have never had a coach but I hope to one day. love your cry for help!!!

J~Mom said...

Since I ask you half of my questions it doesn't look like I could coach you. LOL

Joe said...

No idea on the coach side.

But you are really, really wise to build your soccer into your training plan. Some good speed work there, even if you are on the outside. Do take care of your feet on the harder surfaces.

E.L.F. said...

Wes, let's trade! You can be my calculator and help me add up all the swim workouts. I will make you strong Wes :)

And I'm not 4'2"!!