Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dee Dee says I'm Hawt!

Of course I'm hot! I just got back from a 45 mile bike ride!! Personally, I think its the bike ;-)


OCN: 44.6 miles, 02:20:00, 19 mph avg

Friday, June 29, 2007

Still Recovering

Its been a long week. I guess, in retrospect, I left it all out on the course Sunday, which is a good thing. It's the way its supposed to be done. I guess I just didn't plan effectively. Rather than jumping into the first week of my fourth month of training, I sure could have used that extra "taper" week to recover. But I didn't wanna. I'm keeping that extra week in my pocket, just in case I want to do that short-ish Oly the first week of August. I know. I know. I said I wasn't going to, but I really think I need to do that one as a training race. There are two things about it that I find attractive. The first is the 0.8 mile swim. The second is the 23 mile bike. I sure could use that as a confidence builder. If I do good at my Oly, I may talk to Dee Dee about doing a half Iron distance in October. Wouldn't that be cool. I don't know if I could pull it off, but a guy can dream.

So, Dee Dee texted me early last week that our beer distributor carries that sweet succulent La Rossa beer I had while in Pine Mountain. Ohhhh yea! She ordered me a case. The beer lover side of me is doing back flips and jumping for joy. The triathlete side of me is wondering if Ms. Dee Dee is trying to sabotage me! What do y'all think? LOL.

Last night, I did something that I don't do very often. When I got to the park for my late night run, I had to turn around and come home. It actually rained for hours last night. The lightning chased me back inside. The treadmill and I got reacquainted. What I do like about the treadmill, is the control I have over my running. I did the first mile at 5.5 mph, the next two at 6.1 mph, and the final 0.8 at 6.5 mph. It was a nice run and very gentle on my legs, which were feeling every step.

Off to Mobile, AL for the Fourth! Everybody stay safe. Have a great weekend and week! No slackin off!! I'll be seein ya around!!


ORN: 3.8 miles, 42 minutes, normal pace, 11 mmp, R4/W1

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Quiet Remembrance

My blogiversary has come and gone, passing silently in the night. With all the other stuff going on, I thought it wise to wait until today to celebrate :-) Not withstanding my first forlorn post in May of last year, June was when I began my feeble attempts at this thing called "blogging". I really had no idea. I had no idea where all this was going and where I would end up at today.

On June, 29th, 2006, I had a Dream. Let's take a look at that dream and where I am today.

I dream of a healthier me, one that doesn't smoke, doesn't drink. A me that can run ten miles because I feel like it. A me that isn't 40 pounds over weight.

I am definitely healthier. Last night, while I was waiting for Dee Dee to come home from work so we could run, my heart rate, while sitting at the table, was 53. That's not even my resting heart rate and its 6 points lower than my resting heart rate I took in July 2006. I don't smoke anymore. Not even casually. I have to admit. I like to smoke, unhealthy as it is, but the insurance company and my wallet insisted, so I quit. I am definitely a recreational drinker now. I used to drink 4-5 nights a week. Now, I'm lucky to have 4-5 beers a month, and if I'm nice, I will cut loose one night on one weekend a month. I've lost that forty pounds and a little more.

I dream of a happier family life. We are so busy right now. I'm working full time. My wife is running two restaurants. My kids are entering their teen years. They need us. Life will have to settle down soon, or I'll be shedding some responsibilities.

My life hasn't really slowed down. If anything, its gotten a bit busier, with all the races and training and such. I think we've managed to get comfortable though, and that's a big deal. We still have the Sword of Democles hanging over our head, but I refuse to worry about sh*t till it happens. The boys are growing up. They seem happy, and they are staying out of trouble. Our sons. They make me proud. Let's not forget my daughter either, who has moved out and is on the path of her own life. I am so proud of her.

I dream of world where the focus is on me. Yes, that's right. Me. No, not Wes, but each and every one of you's, me :-) I believe in building a beautiful world from the inside out. It all begins within. If I've happened to comment your blog, you'll probably already know this.

This is a reflection of a personal principle of mine. Happiness and beauty starts with you. From there we spread it like an infectious disease. For those interested, this is an offshoot of Jesus' principle about not removing a spec from your neighbor's eye when you have a board in yours. I just reversed the principle. Don't try to make other's happy when you yourself are not happy.

I dream of having time to dream. It all starts here...

Never stop dreaming. Without dreams, what would there be to achieve?

So how does one celebrate a blogiversary. Hee, hee. I went ahead and hit the track with Dee Dee last night for 3.5 mile recovery run. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but a I kept my heart rate in the zone for two-thirds of my run, an unheard of achievement!! I realized this weekend that staying in Zone 2 during training doesn't mean you can't bust a gut in the race :-) Then, I got up this morning and did 3300 meters in the pool. It was wild hair day for me. I did a 300 meter warm up, then I did 2500 meters straight through, followed by a 500 meter cool down. Why did I do that? Because I could. And it felt good... No doubt inspired by my registering for the Oly in August...

Thanks my friends, for being here. It's been a fabulous year. Here's to many more. I salute you!!


ORN: 3.5 miles, 42 minutes, recovery pace, R9/W1, 12 mmp
OSN: 3300 meters, 3x100 w/u, 1x2500, 1x500 c/d, 70 minutes

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rekindling A Forgotten Love

A Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon Race Report

My first out of town race trip began bright and early on Saturday. I was actually feeling pretty good. Taper had caught up with me, and I had actually slept fairly well Thursday and Friday night. Dee Dee wanted to get to Callaway Gardens before 5 PM on Saturday. That was the cut off time for race packet pick up. I realized late that night that we did not have any dog food for my pack of hounds, and I would have to go out in the morning and get some. As some of you may or may not know, I love to cook breakfast for my family. All this having to run around was cramping my style! I made a quick version of the family breakfast and quickly got myself dressed and ready to go.

My oldest son comes downstairs and tells me he wants his summer reading books to take on the trip. Great! Dee Dee wanted a race belt. Double Great!! I wanted to get Dee Dee a Woman's Timex for race day. You see where this is going? Jimmy and I piled into the car and headed out. First stop, Walmart. Dee Dee got a nice new Woman's Timex to wear to the race. Second stop, bookstore. Jimmy quickly found his books, and I didn't have any time to browse. Bummer!! Luckily, the pet store was right next door. Three down, one to go. We made a quick detour over to the bike store, but alas, they had no race belts for Dee Dee. Just damn! I'm sure she would understand.

Arriving home around 12:30 PM, I hurriedly packed the car and loaded the bikes. Once everyone was packed and loaded, we headed out for Pine Mountain, Georgia. The good news is that we got off early. The bad news was that we decided to stop for lunch at a place three miles off the interstate with a line through the drive through a mile long. Good thing we managed to leave a bit early. We arrived at Callaway Gardens around 3:30 PM. Pine Mountain is a lovely little town. It has all the amenities you would expect around a tourist attraction in the heart of Georgia. There was a Busch Gardens type of animal park. There was a place called "Butts Farm" where they had horse rides, go carts, and other "fun stuff". There was a trailer park, cabins, and country stores.

When we arrived at the hotel for packet pickup, the parking lot was full of cars with bikes on the back. It was AMAZING! About 700 triathletes were here for the race. I was stoked! We found the packet pickup table by the ball rooms. Dee Dee and I received the usual goodie bag of endurance foods and a t-shirt. We scored a race belt for Dee Dee at the "expo"! I didn't think they would have anything at a race that small, but they did, and it was good :-) On the way out, we stopped and listened to the triathlon clinic for a few minutes. The newbies were asking all the usual questions. I smiled a lot. I remember when I was the new guy ;-) Truth is, I've learned so much from following all of you guys race reports, I kind a knew what was going down. We left the clinic and drove to the hotel. All of the sports packages in Callaway were booked for the race. We had to stay in a hotel in La Grange, Georgia, about 13 miles from Callaway Gardens. The hotel we stayed in had all the doors to the hotel room on the inside. This made Dee Dee and the boyz much more comfortable.

After checking and getting settled into our room, the boys got their bathing suits on and headed down to the pool. Dee Dee and I relaxed for a minute, got changed then followed them down to the pool. When we arrived, it seemed that Matthew and Jimmy were having a great time.

We stayed at the pool for about an hour. Not enough to wear me out, but enough to cool down, relax, and further restore my muscles during taper week. Once the boys had had enough of the pool, their thoughts turned to food. What a suprise, eh? The boys will eat me out of house and home! Promise!!

Dee Dee mentioned wanting to eat at one of the little restaurants in Pine Mountain. Sweet! Off we went back into town. We made one pass through town and decided to try the local Italian restaurant. Funny thing. The main dining room had been reserved for a party of thirty two. That left six tables open in the adjoining "dining" room. Lucky for us, we only had to wait twenty minutes before our table was ready. We found some interesting things to keep us busy.

Finally, our table was ready and sat down to eat. For a little restaurant, in a little town, the food was fabulous! I had Veal Parmesan with a side of pasta. Dee Dee had Lasagna. Jimmy had his usual Chicken Alfredo, and poor Matthew refused to eat. He wasn't feeling good. Poor guy. Luckily, by the end of dinner, he was feeling better and ended up eating half of Dee Dee's dinner.

The best thing about dinner was the beer I had! Yes!!! The beer! They had a dark Italian beer called La Rossa. It was the absolute best beer I have had since I was in Germany!!

Dear, sweet, dark beer! How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

After our fabulous dinner, we headed back to the hotel room to rent a movie. Matthew and I battled for our choice and ended up watching The 300. That was one gory movie. I was fully aware that there was questionable content in the movie. I had Jimmy and Matthew hide under the covers during the worse parts and put the sound on mute. I do have SOME standards :-)

I believe we finally go the lights out around 10:30 PM. One of the things the lady at the tri clinic told everyone was not to expect more than three hours sleep the night before the triathlon. I was fine, sleepy even, but poor Dee Dee was tossing and turning. When Dee Dee doesn't sleep, Wes doesn't sleep. Between midnight and 1 AM, she finally settled down and I was able to fall asleep. The alarm and wake up call was set for 5:30 AM. Dee Dee was in the shower by 5, and I got up around 5:20. So much for a wake up call. We dragged the sleep boys out of bed, headed downstairs for breakfast, then it was time to head off for the race.

We arrived at Callaway Gardens around 6 AM. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought for sure there would be a line trying to get into the park. I guess with so many people staying close by, there just wasn't a rush to get in and get setup. We parked the car, got marked, then headed to transition to get our bikes setup. We scored a spot close to the bike exit, but at the far end of the swim entrance/run exit. After getting all setup, we headed down to the beach to warm up for the swim.

The water was pleasantly warm! Not bath water warm, but it was reassuring knowing that I would not be suffering from shock as I started the swim. Since it was still twenty minutes before the race, I spent a little bit of time enjoying the waters of the lake.

I had decided the night before the race, that as a warm up, I would swim the 400 meters from the end of the swim to the start of the race, and that is just what I did. Fifteen minutes before the pre-race meeting, I took off along the course and swam the whole thing. It was delightful. It built my confidence. I was ready for the swim.

Slowly but surely, the 600+ triathletes gathered at the race start. The race director delivered his final instructions and assembled the first wave. There would be five waves for this race. The first wave was 15-39 year old men. The second wave was 15-39 year old women. The third wave was 40 and over men, and the fourth wave was 40 and over woman. The final wave was children, their escorts, and clydesdales.

The race director sounded the starting horn at exactly 8 AM, to resounding cheers from the other triathletes, supporting their own. Four minutes later, the second wave went off, and it was time for me to get in water. I headed to the front of the line and got as deep as I could stand. It was a good decision. I had plenty of room for myself. I joked with a guy next to me about finding some clear space, not knowing that this 51 year old gentleman would ultimately win the entire race. With a count down, the RD sounded the horn for my wave, and we were off.

The first thing I noticed was the bubbles from the guy's feet in front of me. I'm not "used to" getting blown away at the swim, but this guy was fast. Rather than try to keep up, I put my head in the water and concentrated on getting off to a smooth start. About half way to the first bouy, my spirit was soaring. SOARING!!! I was doing it! I was comfortable! I was making it happen. The first time I poked my head above water, I realized that I was heading out into deep water, rather than heading for the bouy. I made a quick adjustment and rounded the first bouy within a few feet. As I made a right turn for the swim exit, I arced left into shallower water. It ended up being a very wise decision, as I avoided a lot of swimmers from the second wave that were standing and walking along the bottom.

That's me in the light blue cap closest to the bottom. My son took some awesome pictures. I have no idea how he managed to pick me out of that crowd of people. Within about twenty yards of the shore, I stood up and proceeded to run to the shore. As I crossed the red bouy, I was so excited to hit my watch and see a time of 6:57. That was beyond my wildest dreams.

I ran up the short beach, past the bath house and into the parking lot. I just didn't have the strength to run all the way to my bike. I was breathing very heavy and making humming noises as I breathed deeply in and out. I realized some of the other triathletes were looking at me in concern, but I didn't care. I felt fine. I just needed to bring my heart rate down and catch my breath. I walked to my bike and proceeded to change. I slipped my bike shorts over my jammers. I put on my shirt and helmet. I reached in my bag, found my sun glasses and put those on. I took my Road ID off of my bike and slipped that on my ankle, and followed that with my race belt. I was excited that about my transition. While I didn't do it really fast, I did not forget a thing. I slipped on my bike shoes and made the slow walk to the exit, where I hit the lap button on my watch and mounted my bike. I got a little frustrated when my shoes failed to clip in, but in retrospect, the few seconds it took me to get it "right" just didn't matter. My shoes were seated. I was ready to go. Game on...

The bike ride was one big blur of speed. I remember getting behind another male cyclist in yellow and a dude on a tri bike during the first couple of miles. After deciding that they were going to slow, I accelerated and took off around them. There was no looking back at this point. I hammered and hammered and hammered. I passed too many people to count. Not a boast, but a fact. The entire bike leg consisted of my reeling in pack after pack of cyclists. I was in a rhythm. Target identified! Accelerate! Pass!! Next target!!! and so on. I didn't get passed by a single person until within a mile or two of the finish. The bike route was all in the shade. It had plenty of downhill (obviously), plenty of flats, and a few steep sharp up hills. As we came to the end of the bike, I passed the two guys that had passed me, thus ending my bike ride without being passed and some extra umph in the engine. I was especially pleased to see my boys waiting for me at the end of the bike. They didn't get to take any pictures, but just seeing them there was so special. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I hit the lap on my watch and saw my time: 23 minutes and some change. I had no idea what that meant, but I would sure enjoy it later!

T2 went very smooth as well. It was a lot easier anyways. I changed my bike shorts for running shorts, put on my running shoes, and took off my helmet, and I was off. The run out was the swim in. Down past the bath house and onto the trail around the lake. As I made the first turn to go around the lake, the boys were there waiting for me again.

The back side of the lake was all in the sun, and it was hot!! I had no idea what my pace was, but I was trying to do run 4 minutes walk 1 minute. I got passed by a few people on the run, guys and gals, but that was OK with me. Once I reached the far side of the lake, I stopped getting passed and started passing. There was a short stint through the cool woods. This was the only place where there was anything resembling a hill. As I rounded the final turn to head towards the finish, other triathletes were along the course, encouraging those to come. I put my head down and sprinted to the finish, beating out a 19 year old that started the race eight minutes before I did. That was sweet :-)

I forgot to hit my watch until I arrived at the timer's table. 53:17. That was good enough for me. I had done the run in sub-18, and no, I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure why, but I run faster without my Garmin, almost like its holding me back. Maybe I run faster when I don't know any better. Who knows? I went to the pavilion and got something to eat and drink, then I walked back along the run route for about a quarter of a mile to wait for Dee Dee. I encouraged all the triathletes coming through. It was awesome.

Sooner than I expected, along came Dee Dee. I ran with her for a short ways, then I veered off so she could run through the finish chute in triumph. That was a special moment for me. I hope it was a special moment for her too. From the way she's been floating around the house today, I believe it was :-)

We spent another couple of hours at the park, watching Matthew enjoy the water park and listening to the awards ceremony. The long drive home was uneventful and somewhat tiring. I only got sleepy one time. The adrenaline carried me through the day. After unpacking the car at home, settled down for a much needed two hour nap before enjoying the rest of my day.

Thanks for hanging around and reading this long winded story. I'll be revising it a bit in the future as I include more details. For now, I've decided not to do another triathlon before the Olympic in August. A wise man said once, "I'm tired now. I'm going home." If you can name that movie, I have an all expenses paid free dinner at my restaurant. That's how I feel. I'm tired now. I'm going home to rest. The Oly is my A race for this triathlon season, and that's enough for me. I'm going to bask in the glory of this personal triumph. No one and no thing will ever be able to take this away from me.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nailed It!!!

What an absolutely incredible weekend! The race went off without a hitch this morning, and I basically exceeded my expectations in each discipline. Here are my times:

1. 400 meter swim, 6:57, 1:34/100 meters
2. T1 - 3:51.96
3. 10 mile* bike, 23:18, 25.75 mph average (OMG!! :-)
4. T2 - 1:57
5. 2 mile run, 17:13, 8:37 mmp

Total: 53:17

Unbelievable!! Those numbers are INSANE. I am humbled...

Dee Dee finished in 01:09:38 unofficially. She did a fantastic job, especially on the bike! Check that out! She was clocking twenty mph and passing folks left and right, she said!

1. 400 meter swim, 12:48
2. T1 - 3:06
3. 10 mile* bike, 30:39, ~20 mph avg
4. T2 - 33 seconds (!!)
5. 2 mile run, 24:57, 12.5 mmp

Total: 01:09:38

As usual, a detailed race report to follow.


* RD said the bike wasn't "quite" 10 miles, thus the 9 mile designation

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Team

Dee Dee and I have joined a new team...

What do y'all think? Hmmm... I think its really me! If you want to join Team Hill Slug, visit their website at Team Estrogen.


ORN: 2.5 miles, 25 minutes, normal pace, R4/W1, 10 mmp

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got Goal?

It's that time of the race season. Time to share my goals for the upcoming triathlon. Let it be written. Let it be done.

To wrap it up in a nutshell, my A goal of the race is one (1) hour. Before we get into the break down, let's recap the distances of this mini-sprint:

400 meter swim
9 mile bike
2 mile run

Curious George pulled up the lake on GMaps yesterday to take a survey. From stem to stern the lake is 700 meters. This gives me great hope that they may actually get the distance right!! Given that the lake is only 5-6 feet deep in most places, it will be fairly warm. This should allow me to avoid the apoplectic shock I experienced at my first tri. Estimated swim time 7 - 8 minutes.

The nine mile bike course is described as gently rolling and scenic. Just my kind of ride. Based on past performance and current training levels, I really want to average 18 MPH over this bike course, which will bring me in around 30 minutes. Hopefully, I will buy myself some more time here.

Finally, on the run, I am giving myself ten minute miles. If I have to push harder, then I will. The run is supposed to be entirely flat around Robin Lake.

As you can see, in order to accomplish this goal, I'm going to have to hit transition on all cylinders. There won't be any extra time for gufaws or paling around with the kids :-) Every second I save on the swim and the bike means more time in transition.

Going from there, my B and C goals will be 01:05:00 and 01:10:00. Sounds like a plan!!

Dee Dee and I hit the pool early yesterday morning. I did my long intervals while Dee Dee was doing short intervals. I think I managed like 2000 meters in my allotted 42 minutes. Yesterday was Dee Dee's first two-a-day. She went home after work and rode her bike for thirty minutes. (ssssh! I think she's getting excited ;-) After working at the restaurant last night, I went home and went straight to bed. I was feeling mentally drained. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling a bit recharged this morning. Now, I'm trying to decide whether to do my 25 minute run today or tomorrow.

Special shout out to all my friends who are racing this weekend, especially Eric, who is doing the Western States 100, and Jodi, who is becoming Iron this weekend. God bless.


OCN: 2000 meters, 42 minutes, 3x100 w/u, 3x500, 2x100 c/d

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What to Do?

So, I have like two taper weeks built into my five month training schedule, one of which I have already used. I got lucky and this weekend falls into a natural recovery week. That leaves me with one taper week to the good. What to do what to do? I'm thinkin... If I rock the race this weekend, then I can add another race in late July or early August. What do y'all think. There are a few I've got my eye on:

Tri the Parks, Appling State Park, July 28 (out, ref class)
Summer Sizzler International Distance, August 4
Carrollton Triathlon Championship July 15

What I like about the Tri the Parks event is that there is a duathlon that Dee Dee has her eye on. That one is in Augusta though, so it would require an over night stay. Well, I'll make my decision after my race this weekend. I want to get signed up for the rest of my tri season next week.

Freakin hoorah for rain! It like hasn't rained here in two months and we had some storms come through. Finally. I'm being lazy, feeling a little sore after my long run yesterday. I'm thinking about going out and going a very short brick if the weather permits. Looks like its game on :-)


Matthew and I did 6.3 miles on the bike at a blistering 10.1 MPH avg. The little guy even made it up Mount Doom the entire way without stopping. Woo hoo! He's a stud in training :-) I followed that up with 2 mile run off at 10:30 mmp.



Monday, June 18, 2007

Analysis of a Thumpin

A Father's Day Mock Tri Race Report

The events in this post take place between 6:10 AM Saturday and 9:50 PM Sunday:

Somehow, I managed to wake myself up Saturday morning. For someone who had another record ride to take care of, I did not do a very good job of setting the alarm. And no, it isn't possible for me to sleep through an alarm. I had set it for 5:45 AM, and I missed the proper setting on the part that makes it go buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The good news is that I felt like I had slept in. How sad is that? Rousting Dee Dee out of bed, we got changed, loaded the bikes and were off for the Silver Comet Trail by 6:30 AM. We decided to go in separate cars. Dee Dee was going to ride for an hour and needed to get home.

Having been there before, we made it to the start of the trail with no problem. I thought it would be busier, but there was plenty of room in the parking lot. We pulled in, unloaded our bikes, synched up the Garmin, and took off down the trail. We went in the proper direction on the first try this time :-) Dee Dee set a good pace for us and the ride was very pleasant. I think Dee Dee was happy with the Silver Comet Trail, both in the quality and with the number of people who were out sharing it with us. At the end of our first thirty minutes, we came to a road crossing. It was time for Dee Dee to turn back. I asked her if she wanted me to come with her, and she said no. She could find her way back by herself. With a kiss and hug, I left Dee Dee and began the second part of my ride. Dee Dee and I averaged 14.6 miles for the first thirty minutes, and I'm sure she made it back faster than that. She called me on the cellphone to let me know she was OK, and it did not take her thirty minutes to get back.

After leaving Dee Dee, it was game on. I had been reading with some envy the speeds my friends (see blog roll) have been able to achieve on their bikes. I wanted that for myself. I was very, very happy to see my Garmin hitting 20+ MPH over the various parts of the trial. Due to my pace and the fact I didn't have to go back with Dee Dee, I got to see uncharted (for me) parts of the trail, including the spot where Jennifer Ewing was taken. There was a cross there and a huge pile of water bottles, left by cyclists as a tribute to one of our own. I'm still deeply saddened by the whole incident.

I reached the half way point and turned around to make my way back home. I was getting tired, but I continued to push myself. This was my day to test my limits and that is what I did. Cycling at 23.2 MPH is invigorating. As I reached the head of the trail and the end of my ride, I found myself dodging tons of runners, cyclists, and skaters. I managed to turn in 42.65 miles in two hours and twenty minutes. For the overall ride, I managed 18.2 MPH avg, for the portion where I rode by myself, I averaged 19.25 MPH. On the way out, parking had overflowed into the public school parking lot. That would explain all the people on the trail. For those of you that haven't been there, I highly recommend the trail for both cycling and running. It is almost entirely shadowed by trees, paved, and just a fantastic place to run/cycle. I think over my 42+ miles, I only had 413 feet of elevation. Flat as pancake, it is.

After reloading my bike, I made it to my meeting in Gwinnett County. Then, it was home to cook dinner for the boyz. In honor of my long ride and the 3500+ calories I burned, I felt like a few (6 :-) beers were in order. Boy did I sleep good!

Fast forward to Sunday....

Dee Dee had mentioned wanting to go out to Lake Lanier to see the Iron Girls compete in their triathlon. I would have loved to go, but I was just plain exhausted. I so wanted to sleep in for the first time in two weeks. We basically rousted ourselves out of bed around 9:30 AM and headed for the gym with bikes in tow. The plan was to swim for twenty minutes, bike for forty minutes, and then run for twenty minutes.

As we prepared to get started, I told Dee Dee she needed to do at least 400 meters in the pool without stopping. It didn't matter what stroke she used. Just keep going. I took off and managed to get in two 500 meter intervals in my allotted time. Dee Dee was over there banging away at her laps too. She said she did better than she thought she would, and that was good enough for me. We quickly grabbed our stuff and headed out to the parking lot for our bikes.

Once there, we slipped into our cycling gear, just like we would on race day. Pants went on over our bathing suits. Helmets on. Shoes on. Gloves on. Sunglasses, check! and off we went. This was the first real time Dee Dee was on the open road, so I chose a rather quiet back road to take us out to Chastain. I knew that there was a bike path on Chastain Road that ran at least to the University of Kennesaw. Besides being almost all up hill on the way out, it was a good route. We didn't quite get our entire time in, but we did twenty minutes out, then fourteen minutes on the way back. Part of the huge difference was catching the lights and going downhill. Upon reaching the car, Dee Dee and I transitioned into our running gear.

I could tell from looking at Dee Dee, she was having a hard time. She didn't eat anything before we left. She should have, and the heat was starting to get oppressive. We did about a mile out and back, then ran up into one of the neighborhoods. Dee Dee had to walk a bit, which was fine with me, and we managed 1.25 miles in the allotted twenty minutes.

Overall, I would say the day was a success. Dee Dee has a better understanding of what to expect on race day, and if she wants to do the Women's Triathlon in Acworth in August, she has some work to do on her training. As for me, I went ahead and claimed the swim and bike as my Monday workout, and did my long run this morning. I ran 6.45 miles in 01:09:11, for a 10:30 avg pace. It was brutally muggy this morning. I must have sweated off a couple of pounds. When I got home and weighed myself, I came in at 180.5. I think I was definitely dehydrated.

After our mock tri, Dee Dee took me to the bike shop and bought me a nice pair of sunglasses. They are way cool. We then spent the afternoon with the boyz playing video games and air hockey at Andretti's in Roswell. We wrapped up with BBQ ribs for dinner. It was a great Father's Day for me, made even more special because I have such a great family.

Double apologies for the long nature of the post and the lack of pictures. I am horrible, evidently, of getting pictures taken, but I'll try to do better in the future.


OCN: 42.65 miles, 02:20:00, 18.2 MPH
OSN: 1000 meters, 20 minutes, 2x500
OCN: 7.55 miles, 34 minutes, ~13.6 MPH
ORN: 1.25 miles, 20 minutes
ORN: 6.45 miles, 01:09:11, easy pace, 10:30 mmp, R5/W1

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fit for Battle

Dee Dee brought Aerowyn to me at the LBS last night for my first fitting. After waiting for nearly thirty minutes, the Fitting Guy finally was able to tear himself away and service me :-) OK. Besides the fact that I got a little pissed from waiting, he was a very nice guy and did a great job. We measured this, adjusted that, angled these, etc., etc. Then, when we were done, it took him almost twenty five minutes to transfer all the measurements to Aerowyn. He even swapped out the stem so the length of the bike was correct.

After he finished, I took her out for a couple of laps around the parking lot. Evidently, I've been riding this past month with my seat way to low. Fitting Guy said the raised seat should give me more power, and we all know that more power = more speed! Yea! Upon completing my tour of the PL, Fitting Guy asked me how it felt. Me, being the supremo all knowledgeable cyclist dude that I am said, "Feels great! Let's go with it." Like I have any idea what I am talking about. I figured it was a LOT better than what I had before, and I'll either come back and get another fitting next year, or I'll never ever get another fitting again. Haven't decided!!

That night, at home, I did my newbie best to tape up Aerowyn's aerobars with nice padded bar tape from Profile Designs. I was pretty proud of my achievement, although I think I can do a better job next time, and I figured if the tape comes off, then I haven't lost much as I only used one roll which cost like $5.00.

Thursday's run ended up not happening. After getting home and cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and washing clothes, I just didn't have time. To compensate, I got up early this morning (5:45 AM Lisa!!), drove into work and ran on a brand new trail. They opened a new trail head right by my building. It goes under the interstate, runs along a creek, then meets up with the Chattahoochee River. I absolutely loved it. I reached the park at the other end of the trail in at the exact halfway point of my run. Bonus!! I averaged about a 10 minute pace, clocking 4.2 miles for my 42 minutes.

Its off bright and early tomorrow to the Silver Comet Trail for my ride. Dee Dee needs to ride an hour. I have to do 2.5 hours. Then I'm off to an Assessor's meeting in Gwinnett County. Sunday, Dee Dee and I will be at the gym. She has her "mock tri" this weekend, and I am going to do it with her. Fun, fun!!!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


ORN: 4.2 miles, 42 minutes, normal pace, R4/W1, 10 mmp

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Full Circle

The weirdness thing has struck again, thanks to a few of you, my blogger friends. I participated in this several months ago, when Bob was on the weirdness warpath :-) Now, I personally don't tag, but I don't mind being tagged, even though I may or may not play along. Soooooo, with that in mind, here is a new list of six weird things about me:

1. I have to have all the dishes in the dishwasher arranged according to the manufacturer's specification. Drives Dee Dee nuts cause I will rearrange all the dishes while she is washing them.

2. I really do stress out about remembering to lock the car or the house. I have to hit the locks on my key so the horn goes off because I will get to my office then turn around and go back out and check on the car if I don't.

3. When I take a shower, I wash everything in the same order. My mind wanders, and this routine is the only way I know to be sure that I've done everything! LOL.

4. I never clip my fingernails. OK. That's just gross, not weird :-)

5. I've got that yellow toe nail syndrome, but don't care. I don't use my toe nails anyways, so who cares if they are ugly! OK. That's gross too!!

6. In my job, I can see how whole systems are put together and built long before the first piece of software is written. Articulating that vision is another issue entirely!

Bada boom!!!!!

Dee Dee and I hit the pool this morning. I felt really really strong, so I decided to lengthen my intervals a bit. I did 1000 meters twice in 18:14 and 18:19 respectively. If anything, I am consistent!! I then did one 500 meter interval to get my time in. With the warm up and cool down, it was another 3K day for me.

BTW: I was just looking at my stats, and I realized I have run 500 miles since July. Wow!! :-)


OSN: 3000 meters, 01:10:00, 3x100 w/u, 2x1000, 1x500, 2x100 c/d

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am being SOOOO lazy today. I think I earned it. I decided to go ahead and do my cycle workout last night, cause Jimmy and Dee Dee were away at (soccer) tryouts, and Matthew was otherwise entertained. Despite getting off late (8 PM), I managed to get my full 85 minutes in for a 19.65 mile ride. Bags and I aren't setting any speed records, but for now, I'm OK with that. This weekend, I plan to hit the Silver Comet Trail again on Aerowyn, and the plan is to thump it.

Officially, I am now half way through my five month training plan. I am psyched. My runs are getting back up into the teens on a weekly basis now, and I'm putting in about 50+ miles a week on the bike, with the exception of recovery week. It's a bit unusual for me to see my cycle mileage above my running mileage.

To top it off, my thoughts are turning to the upcoming sprint and my third, yes, third trip to the Colombus area in one month. So much to think about as I keep one (sleepy) eye open on the computer and wait for the database to come back up....



OCN: 19.65 miles, 01:25:43, ~14.1 MPH

Monday, June 11, 2007

All in the Family

A big, big, shout out to little sister who finished her first Tri OneOenO this weekend in California! For those of you who don't know, Tri OneOenO is an intermediary distance between half Ironman and a full Ironman. Kelly completed the race in 10 hours. I am just so impressed. I just wish she would slow down so I could catch up to her :-)

Did y'all hear that great big whooshing noise Saturday night around 10:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time? That was the sound of the wind leaving my sails! LOL. My morning got started off early Saturday. We woke up at quarter till six. It took us about an hour to get ready, including loading the bikes on the back of the SUV, getting some coffee, that kind of stuff. The bike rack did beautifully as expected, and we arrived in Colubus around 9:15 AM. On the way down, we realized we didn't have anything to secure the bikes. We stopped at a local K-mart in Columbus and picked up a lock cable. We got to the fields in plenty of time for my 10 AM meeting, with my first match going off at 11 AM.

Boy did I have a doozie of a first match too. The better team scored a goal early, then not two minutes after that, I awarded them a PK which they missed. In the second half, the opposing team scored two back to back goals, leaving the better team trailing with time running out. With three minutes left in the game, the better team scored a goal to tie it up and send us into over time. Did I mention yet it was really hot? Overtime for me meant thirty minutes more of running. After the start of the second overtime, the opposing team scored a goal, and then almost immediately the better team scored an answering goal, which sent us to kicks from the mark to determine a winner. All in all, the game lasted for two and half hours. Man was I tired. The better team, unfortunately, failed to win on PKs, which sometimes happens in tournaments. My second game, which was supposed to go off at 3 PM was held up due to another overtime match. Then, when we finally did get started, we had a two hour lightning delay. My second match didn't get over until 7:30 PM.

Dee Dee and I talked about it, and there was just no way we were going to drag our bikes all the way to Columbus and then miss out on our ride. We went to the hotel, got our gear on and took off on our ride. Ya know what was funny? There were a bunch of cyclists staying in our hotel. The Bike Ride Across Georgia was this weekend. Dee Dee and I rode along the river at dusk. It was beautiful. We kept motoring along and doing some coasting and despite all the running I had done, my legs felt strong. I kept telling myself this is a lot of downhill. Wait until we turn around and come back. Well, on the way back, I kept asking myself, "Where's the uphill?" Riding on flat just rocks!! As a compromise to our soreness, Dee Dee and I bagged the run and cut the ride down to fifty minutes.

Dee Dee and I did manage to have a nice dinner at the restaurant, but for general purposes, the Houlighans in the Marriott in downtown Columbus is pretty bad on service. The cocktails were good though :-) We stumbled up to bed around 10:30 PM, and I had nothing left in the tank. Sorry, sweety! A good nights sleep did us some good though!

Sunday, neither of my games went into overtime, although the second one did start an hour late. My arse was whipped for sure. We didn't get back into Atlanta until 6ish or so. Jimmy went up to the restaurant to make some money, and Matthew had already eaten. It was just Dee Dee and I for dinner Sunday night as well. We finally got to make it home, relax, and unpack a few things before crashing, and a welcome crash it was.

I strongly felt like a good swim would do my legs some good. The alarm went off at 6:20 this morning, and I was at the pool by 7:30. Since I barely use my legs to swim, they got a much needed soaking in cool water and a little bit of exercise to loosen them up. My 85 minute bike ride for today may or may not get moved to tomorrow. I know one thing for sure though. I will NOT be running tomorrow at all!

That's the story of my fun filled weekend. Thanks for hanging around!


OCN: 13 miles, 50 minutes, ~14 mph avg
OSN: 2000 meters, 3x100 w/u 15x100, 2x100 c/d

Friday, June 08, 2007

Are You with Me?

Ominous words from the soon to be tri-studette Dee Dee. Did you guys know that I hate to talk on the phone? It's not the actual talking part that irritates the crap out of me. It's the holding the phone up to the ear part that I can't stand. Text messaging I can handle. Dee Dee and I have had some heart to heart conversations via the old electronic key pad, but that is a story for another day.

The Silver Streak has been properly racked, and we are a go for a bike ride in Columbus this weekend. Dee Dee texts me while on the road...

Ummm. On Saturday, I have to ride for an hour and then run for thirty minutes afterwards. You with me?

Let's see. I have a 11 AM center. That's 80 minutes of running. I have a 3 PM line. That's 90 minutes of running. Then we'll bike for an hour. Hmmm. That's about 16 miles which equals one length of the trail. Then, run for another thirty minutes. Hit the pool for a (skinny) dip ;-) A few cocktails at the bar. Ahhhhh. That should get me ready for my games on Sunday! LOL. Let's hope I got a little sumthin sumthin extra in the engine for Dee Dee Saturday night, if you know what I mean....

Y'all have a great weekend.

Livin la vida loca in the South,
(don't you wish you were here?)


ORN: 3.7 miles, 38 minutes, normal pace, R1 mile/W1, 10:15 mmp

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Good Ole Days

Now that I am an old timer at this endurance stuff (can you hear me laughing?), I look back at the first four to five months of my training and say, "What was I thinking?" LOL. Take last night for example. Jimmy decided that he is going to make some extra money this summer by working at the restaurant. That leaves just Matthew and I for dinner, and when its just the two of us, that means fish! I'm getting really good at blackening stuff too! Tilapia doesn't stand a chance. I only waited forty-five minutes after dinner before heading out for my run. My legs felt like lead! This seems to be happening to a lot of us. My stomach was so full, which is unusual when I eat fish, and it was pretty hot in the 80s. I could only push 11 minute miles! Then, I had to take a bathroom break at the club house at the bottom of Mount Doom, where I promptly abandoned my house key. It was only when I was running up the sidewalk to my house at the end of the run that I realized what I had done. No house key. No car keys. Hmmmm. Bags and I had an impromptu brick as I dashed back down the hill on my bike to make the recovery. Having to ride back up Mount Doom just didn't seem fair. Stupid me.

This morning, Ms. Dee Dee got out of bed with me to go for a swim. Our gym's pool is back open, and this is the second time this week she has hit the water. How cool is that? Today was a long day for me, so I did a 3x100 warm up. Then, I did 5x500@11:00 intervals, coming in at 9:15 for almost all of them. Seriously! You could cook food based on my 500 meter time :-) I followed this up with a 200 meter cool down for a total of 3000 meters, my longest swim to date.

Wanna know what was really cool though? I got on the doctor's office scale (at the gym), buck naked, and weighed in at 184 pounds!! Woo hoo! 170s here I come.

Looks like this weekend is shaping up to be a Soccer/Lover's Get Away for Two. We are abandoning the children in favor of a little one on one time between games. Dee Dee texted me that we could bring our bikes if she got the rack put on the car. I was like, "Oh hell yea!" A bike ride along the Riverwalk in Columbus would be fabulous.

Till next time, fellow endies!


(Long Version for Ms. Karen :-)
Obligatory Running Note: 3.5 miles, 38 minutes, recovery pace, 11 mmp, R5/W1
Obligatory Swimming Note: 3000 meters, 01:09:22, 3x100 w/u, 5x500, 1x200 c/d

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All Signed Up

Well, I found out that the State Assessor had failed to turn in my assessment last year, so the State bumped me back down from a class 7 to a class 8 referee. This made getting signed up for my state certification problematic. After a few humble emails, I managed to straighten the situation out and am all signed up now. Becoming a State level referee is a big deal. My class is at the end of July, which works out well for me as it gives me something on which to focus besides my training. Dee Dee and I would still like to do a road race in July. We are just biding our time until we can figure out what comes along. I can't wait to take the referee's physical exam again. I think this year, I'll smoke it, and I want to use the 2200 meter run as a mile test.

I tried something new at the pool yesterday. My training plan said I should be doing speed work on Mondays, where as I have been doing technique work. Yesterday, I decided to do 100 meters every 02:15 seconds. This is a good starting point as I didn't want to kill myself on the first day I really did timed intervals. On almost every lap, I had 35 seconds to rest, so I feel real comfortable backing by five to ten seconds next time.

After I left the gym, I went home, ate dinner and then went directly to the bike. Since it was dusk, (light equipped) Bags and I toured the neighborhood on a leisurely recovery ride, logging just over 15 miles in an hour and nine minutes. After looking at my plan this morning, I realized I cut my ride ten minutes short. I'm not worried about it though. To get in my mini-EPIC ride Saturday, I had to extend my ride by twelve minutes, so its basically a wash. I've decided that Bags is just a "fitness" bike, so she and I won't be trying to set any speed records. So far, she seems to be handling it well!

Finally, as we all breath a collective sigh of relief :-), I'm back to Columbus this weekend for the State Cup finals. The State Assignor emailed me and asked me to help. Who am I to refuse?

Just when I thought soccer was over... :-)


OSN: 1800 meters, 3x100 w/u, 12x100@2:15, 3x100 c/d
OCN: 15.2 miles, 01:09:12, 13.5 mph avg.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The River Run

Having posted on Saturday before I left, I made my way down to Columbus, Georgia in about two and a half hours, arriving forty-five minutes before Jimmy's game. The weather was cool and breezy and we actually got drenched while watching the game. Jimmy had an awesome game and made some great saves, but unfortunately the team succumbed to a late goal, their second loss of the tournament.

After the game, we all went back to the hotel to change into dry clothing. For me, that meant drip dry :-) I swapped my soaked tennies for some water shoes and off we went to Olive Garden for a nice dinner. Fortunately for us, the team had an entire section of the restaurant cordoned off, and instead of a 55 minute wait, we were seated right away. We all had a nice dinner, and some enjoyable conversation with the rest of the parents. I succumbed to a few mixed drinks but held up very well. After making it back to the hotel room, I fell asleep around 8:30 PM and slept the entire night, getting a much needed 12 hours of sleep. I had been running on fumes since Memorial Day weekend.

After straggling out of bed and suiting up, Dee Dee and I went to the front desk and asked which way was the river. We were fortunate to be staying downtown, and I had heard some nice things about the Riverwalk. It is a 16 mile paved walking/running/riding trail that runs from Columbus to Fort Benning. Our hotel room was only five blocks from the head of the trail. Dee Dee and I walked to the head of the trail, synched up the Garmin and took off at a nice 12-13 minute pace. We ran into a few cyclists, runners, and walkers, all of whom were enjoying a magnificent day . I think the highlight of the run was crossing the covered bridge over the river. About fifteen minutes in, Dee Dee asked me if we could just do thirty minutes. I laughed and told her that we were fifteen minutes in. She could turn back if she wanted. Well, she didn't want to run alone, so she pushed on with me like a real trooper. We turned around at the 28 minute mark and made our way back to the trail head. Overall, we did 4.5 miles in 57 minutes for about a 13 mmp average. It was a great run, and I enjoyed being there with Dee Dee. It was exactly what my body needed after the long tough ride I had Saturday.

After rousting the boys out of bed, we went next door to the local diner for some fine southern breakfast, then rustled out of the hotel room before the noon checkout. Then it was off to Jimmy's 1:30 PM game. He tied that one and ended the tournament with a 0-2-1 record.

I had a lot of catching up to do today, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Congratulations to everyone that had a great race this weekend. You guys just rock!!


ORN: 4.5 miles, 57 minutes, easy pace, R4/W1, 13 mmp

Saturday, June 02, 2007


It seems that Pearl Izumi is sending out a form email to the "couple of" negative comments they have received about their ad campaign. I don't know what to think about them at this point. I'm not sure it really matters. In reading all of your comments, this whole episode still saddens me, but I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, I guess. We all have to form our own opinions and respond to this in the manner we see fit. I know what I need to do for me.

I decided to do a mini-EPIC ride this morning. While bored at work, I mapped out a 35 mile loop that took me from my home to the City of Roswell and back. I didn't quite get off at 6:30 AM as I planned, had too many beers last night for that :-) I did manage to get off at 7:30 though, and the ride kicked my butt. I don't know how you guys can ride for 70, 80, 112 miles. Just damn!! Training Center reports over 3000 feet of elevation too, but Sports Tracks only reports 500. I think Training Center is more accurate, cause there ain't nuthin but hills here baby!! My longest ride to date. It feels great!!

Time to shower, eat, then its off to Columbus, Georgia for Jimmy's 3 PM soccer match. Y'all have a great weekend, and stay safe for me...


OCN: 36.8 miles, 2:09:10, 17.1 MPH Avg