Sunday, December 31, 2006

Run/Walk Just Works (for me)

OK. So I take my training seriously. Today's endurance run called for a 3 mile run. 3 miles it is then. That just doesn't seem right, but I'm not the expert here. I just do what I'm told. Sort of. I decided that since I was "only" doing three miles, I would just run the whole thing. Hills and all. It has been raining here all day today. Around 3 PM, it settled down to a light sprinkle. I went upstairs to get dressed. I was very upset when I found a big tear in the back of my new under armour long sleeve shirt. The only thing I can think is that it got caught somehow in the washing machine and tore. Those things are expensive!! Just damn. I'll try to repair it, but in the mean time, I pulled out my $12.00 K-mart technical shirt and took off.

The Garmin had no problem picking up the satellites under the clouds. I managed to tackle all the hills and kept up a 10:30 second pace. My legs felt very strong after my long bike ride on Friday. The cool temps (it was around 57 degrees) made my breathing very easy. It was a tremendously enjoyable run. When I got back and checked my time, I was surprised to see that I only shaved around 20 seconds off my run from Thursday, when I did R5/W1. I guess I just run harder when I know that I am going to get a walk break. This is proof enough for me that the Run/Walk strategy is good one (for those of us that don't mind stopping and starting alot :-)

Good news for those Garmin users out there. The firmware upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5 fixes the calorie issue nicely. It also seems to fix all the issues with determining elevation as well. The elevation calculated by the garmin was almost spot on with the elevation calculated by Google Maps.

I wish all of my friends out there a blessed and Happy New Year.


ORN: 3.45 miles, 36:23, normal pace, 10:30 miles, All run

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Longest Ride (Yet)

Poor Bags has been feeling left out. I kind of cut back on riding her during the week I ran my 9.4 miler. Since then, holidays and other stuff have conspired to keep us apart. It felt good to finally get back on the bike and go for a ride Wednesday. I, however, don't believe my muscles were quite as glad to see her as I was. It seems that my lackadaisical cycling over the past two weeks has allowed my muscles to forget their purpose: to forget everything that I have been working so hard to teach them. I had intended to do an 8 mile ride, but sadly, I had to turn back at six, because my body was complaining, and my mind just knew better.

Thursday I had a pretty decent run. It was back to to the out and return route in the old hills. I'm getting pretty spoiled running in all this daylight. What's a vampire to think??? LOL. It's nice to see that my Garmin is pretty much matching the mileage that GMaps calculates. Unfortunately, the calories are way off. Concensus is the Garmin over calculates the elevation, and thus, multiplies the level of effort a little too much. Out and back. 3.45 miles. A little sore from the bike ride, but not to worry. All is good.

This morning, I was determined to have my longest bike ride yet. I had done 8. I had done six multiple times. My body was sore, but I didn't care. I was intent on doing 10 miles, and by god that was what I was going to do. I was able to start my bike ride at 3 PM in the afternoon. Yet another sojourn under the bright glare of the sun. I followed the route of my previous 9.4 mile run, and instead of turning back, I followed a side street into a neighborhood for an additional two miles. My poor legs were complaining! I couldn't stand up and peddle for one single hill. I was either relegated to walking (seldom) or sitting and gritting it out (more often). When I finally made it home, the Garmin told me I had gone 11.48 miles, and I was feeling every foot of it. What a work out.

Tonight, I'm playing with the software that comes with the Garmin, and a free application I found on the internet called SportTracks. Both applications have their pluses and minues. I have decided to keep both! Downloading information into either application only takes a second. Training Center (Garmin Software) keeps all the lap information as well as GPS data. The maps in SportTracks is just plain cool, and it will do a much better job of tracking my triathlon training.

This Sunday's run calls for an easy 3 mile endurance run. LOL. I'm all over that!! I suspect next Sunday won't be so kind. Y'all have a good one.

Finish strong!


Thursday: 3.45 miles, 36:43, normal pace, 10:39 miles, R5/W1
Friday: Cycling - 11.48 miles, 58:56, 12 MPH Avg

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Negative Splits for Christmas

Santa came early to my house. I'm afraid we didn't get much into the Christmas spirit here. The tree is up, with lights, but otherwise, unadorned. I'm a little frustrated, a little tired. There is way too much going on and it really is starting to affect the things I find important, like family.

We had Christmas Saturday morning. I got a brand spanking new Garmin 205, a CamelBak, and some cook books. I couldn't be more excited. The boyz all got various electronic gadgets and Dee Dee got a Coach purse and wallet, and a new cell phone. Within hours we were on the road to Mobile to spend Christmas with the family.

Saturday we sent to evening Mass. Afterwards, my great niece was baptized. Dee Dee and I were the God parents. It was special having the child baptized at the church I grew up in. I was going to school there when they built that church. At Mass, I sat next to Sister Anne, my eigth grade math teacher. It was a wonderful experience being there.

Christmas Eve, I woke up early, had breakfast, and went out for my run. My training plan called for a 10K race, but obviously, I had to improvise. That last time I was in Mobile, I had mapped out a 7 mile route, so I knew where I wanted to go. I strapped on the garmin, caught my satellites and took off.

Now that I live in the greater Atlanta area, you begin to get a real feel for various distances. As a kid, what I used to think was a long bike ride or transit in the car, is actually about the same distance it takes me to get out of my neighborhood now. On the first part of my run, I ran past the baseball fields where I grew up playing little league and Babe Ruth as a child. I ran past the schools and churches where I used to practice and play football. I ran past the street where I grew up in the second house I ever lived in and had my first best friend. I ran past the school and church where the baby was baptized and I spent eight good years learning. As I turned down the highway and headed for home, I ran past the neighborhood where I lived as a pre-teen. My mother purchased her second house there and struggled every day to raise four ungrateful children on her own after the divorce. I enjoyed this run. Tremendously. Not only did I feel good, but it felt great to have these memories surface from places that I had forgotten existed.

For those of you interested, here are the splits from my new garmin:
  1. 10:44
  2. 10:11
  3. 10:04
  4. 9:06
  5. 9:02
  6. 9:34
  7. 0:48 (.2 miles)
Total: 59:42 Yea! An unofficial PR

I used the seventh mile as my cool down period. You can tell on mile 5 that I was on the down slope of a very long hill :-)

Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day we spent time with family, doing the things families do. It was good. Before we left on Tuesday, I did manage to get in another 3.3 mile run, and Tuesday night we came back to Atlanta. Dee Dee decided to stay in Mobile to spend a little more time taking care of her mother and getting her situated.

I really enjoyed catching up with everybody. Seems like everyone has been having a great holiday. I'll be back soon. Till then, y'all take care.


Sunday: 7 miles, 1:09, race pace, R9/W1
Tuesday: 3.3 miles, 35 minutes, normal pace, R5/W1
Wednesday: Cycling - 6.11 miles, 30 minutes, 12 MPH avg

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Came Early

I was going to name this post, "Sexy, Sexy", but, even though I am developing leg muscles like Dean Karnazes, I am not quite ready to declare my lower extremities "sexy". LOL. That black thing around my ankle is my new toy! Ever since I saw one of these, I've wanted one. I just felt a l'il bit uncomfortable being out on the road with zero identification. I always remembered to put my clean underwear on, but no ID just scared me. Anywho, I ordered one of these Road Ids for myself and for Ms. Dee Dee. It has our contact information and a cute little saying at the bottom. I tried to put, "Dee Dee(s) make better lovers" on mine, but I thought better of it, even if it is true :-) Instead, my saying is: "I am Iron!!" This is appropriate.

Tonight I needed that extra bit of motivation. Jimmy recovered well enough from the flu to want to have Mexican tonight. And damn! I was doing so good too. I saw 204 for the first time on the scale in at least a year, and there I went, eating a whole basket of chips and cheese dip by myself BEFORE my super boritto arrived. Talked about rotundo...

Allowing myself the luxury of 1.5 hours to digest my meal, I headed out for my run at 8:45 PM. I left my heart rate monitor at home. Anytime I do that, I am gauranteed an aerobic/anerobic run. More likely the later :-) It was cold. It was damp, but my legs felt strong after my long run this past Sunday. All in all, an excellent run.

I will have time, I think, for one more post before Christmas. I'm thinking of something special. Til then... Y'all be good, and stay safe for me.


ORN: 4 miles, 43:40, aerobic pace, 11 minute miles, R5/W1

Editors Note: Wes' Mom used to always tell him to wear clean underwear without holes. That way, if he was hit by a car, she wouldn't be embarrassed!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Tidbits

Another century has come and gone. I passed the two hundred mark on my running miles for the year. All in all, I'm pleased with that. Since I started running around July 15th, I guess you could say that would be roughly half of what my year would have been had I started January 1st.

Last night, I finally settled my love -n- hate relationship with the treadmill. When I used to run on the treadmill, it was all I wanted to do. Running outside was not for me. Since July, running outside is all I've wanted to do, and its been good for me. I think, over the past month, I have run on the treadmill 3 times, and I now realize that it is just another tool in my bag. I needed a recovery run last night, and the treadmill allowed me to control my heart rate exactly where I needed it. I started out around 136 for the initial mile at 13 minutes a mile. It stayed within one HBPM at 140 for the second mile, 12 minute miles, and for the last, I kicked it up to 11 minute miles and finish 3 miles in 36 minutes. The treadmill is so soft to run on. It is awesome for a recovery run.

Holidays are fast approaching. Jimmy has come down with a wicked case of the flu. My holiday shopping is at 95%. We are getting ready to head home to Mobile, yet again, for the holidays. This will be the first 9 days I have had off in over 3 years. I'm so looking forward to getting some rest and running.

See ya on Friday! Happy Holidays!!


ORN: 3 miles, 36 minutes, recovery run, 12 minute miles, all run

Monday, December 18, 2006

It was Good

On Saturday, December 16th, 2006, I felt like I was ready for the half mary in March. I was basing this assumption on how well my eight mile run went, and how I felt afterwards. Today, I know better. I'm not ready. Yet. The run itself went fine. I feel for my friends in the North Western states having to deal with all of this bad weather. It was seventy degrees in Atlanta on Sunday. The day was simply gorgeous. It was just one of those days when it feels great to be alive, and running.

I did get to bump into a bunch of people running. This was a welcome change. I'm so used to running at night, by myself, that I rarely get to see other runners out on the road. I took my original 8.2 mile loop and tacked on another half mile out and back to get me to my nine miles. It was at the half way point that I really began feeling it. My glutes were sore, and I was a bit suprised. I raced last weekend, but I only rode my bike once this week in anticipation of this run. All I had to compare with was my last eight miler, and I didn't remember feeling that sore. Once fatigue set in, I basically gave up on my heart rate monitor too. Between that and the hills, there was just no way for me to keep my heart rate below 150. I tried though.

On the way back, I only made it about half way up Mount Doom and Ass-Kicker. I had decided not to collapse and die on this run, so walking up the rest of the way was going to have to suffice. After turning back into the neighborhood, I kicked it in and finished strong. When I had recovered a bit, I got out my laptop to make sure my mileage was correct and discovered that I had actually run 9.4 miles instead of 9. Oops! Imagine that...

So. 9.4 miles. Another first for me. I'm still a little awestruck. Me. I did that. And it was good.

Finish strong,


ORN: 9.4 miles, 1:47:00, endurance pace, 11:20 miles, R9/W1

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

After much discussion with Ms. Dee Dee, the 2007 race schedule is complete and marked in pencil, not sharpie! This is my schedule and a little bit about each race:

The Frostbite 5K

I added this race in December because I just couldn't stand the thought of not having a race to do in January. I've already decided my goal. I'm going to run at a pace that allows me to run the entire race. We'll see if I learned anything from the last 5K. No PR intended!

The Chattahoochee Challenge 10K

This one has been on my plate for a while. This is a must do race in preparation for the half mary.

The ING Georgia Half Marathon

This race embodies everything that I have been training for the past 5 months. My goal is to primarily finish, but I want to absolutely make sure I have a blast. Since it is my first half mary, I don't need to kill myself to PR! Yea, I like it!!

My First Tri

I am definitely excited about this one. It will be my first triathlon and is about six weeks after the half. I'm still trying to figure out where I am going to swim in order to train for this one. Good thing it is a tri with training wheels :-)

Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon

I added this one after my discussions with Dee Dee. This is a mini sprint: .25 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and a 2 mile run. Dee Dee is going to do this one with me. It is in late June, so the lake water should be warm by then, which is why Ms. Dee Dee wouldn't do my first tri with me, LOL. On this day, I will be racing at the same time as Jodi does Ironman Coeur d'Alene. She will be my inspiration!!

West Point Olympic Triathlon

At the end of August, this is the big one. This will be the culmination of all my training during the summer, and hopefully I will have lost some serious weight by then. Definitely my A triathlon of the season. On this day, I will be racing at the same time as Jessica does Ironman Canada. She will be my inspiriation.

Awesome Alpharetta Half Marathon

Yes! I'm going back to do the half at this one again. I will check my training schedule, but five weeks before the marathon should be OK. If not, I'll find something else to do.

Atlanta Marathon

This will end my "Year of Running". Definitely an A race.

Phew! The funny thing is none of that even remotely scares me. I'm fully intent on getting it done!

Last night I tried to restart my Heart Rate Monitor training. I wanted to run in my aerobic zone. How easy, I thought, would it be to do that on my treadmill. The night was relatively warm, however (50 degrees), so I decided to run outside. Man, let me tell ya, I had really trouble keeping my heart rate below 157 running up and down those hills. It was very enlightning, however, given that I pretty much ran at the same pace on the treadmill Tuesday, at an elevation of 2, and never got my heart rate over 152. To me, this is definitive proof that running on the road is harder than running on the mill.

Have a great weekend!


ORN: 3.2 miles, 36 minutes, aerobic pace (zone 3), 11 minute miles, R5/W1

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Big Loser Wannabe

Do you guys watch the reality television show, Big Loser? I don't, but last night I managed to catch the season finale. They sent the contestants home for six weeks and then brought them back for one final night. The transformations were incredible. The four finalist lost, on average, around 49% of their body weight since the start of the show. The fact that they did this without surgery of any kind is simply amazing. All in all, this is just another prop to inspire us and shows me that we can do anything we set our mind to.

*begin political rant*

I'm not a really big fan of reality TV. I do like "Big Loser" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Never mind that these folks are making a profit off of these shows. It touches me that actual lives are being improved by the private sector, and somebody's money is being put to good use. Now, I think that if we could just apply that rule to the U.S. Government. Anytime they want to spend our money on something stupid, we earmark to a program that makes over peoples lives. LOL. That would cut 60%-70% of government right out of our lives.

*end political rant*

Sunday, I start back on my long runs. I have a nine miler planned. With that in mind, and the fact that I want to be a "Big Loser", I'm going to work real hard to break this wall and weigh below 200 pounds by the end of January. Six pounds in two months sounds doable.

Oh, yea. Doctor says I'm all healed, and I don't need medication to control my acid reflux anymore. Yay me!

Finish strong!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My First Brick

Sunday was my first day of freedom in a while. I use the term "freedom" loosely. Like many of my blogger friends, it was my first and only day on which I could catch up on much unfinished famliy business. The idea of me doing a 12 mile bike ride sounded fantastic, and I would have loved to spend part of that beautiful day on the road. Alas, it was not meant to be. As the day rolled on, and I got more and more wrapped up in cooking, cleaning, and other sundry household chores, I just couldn't bring myself to ride.

Monday rolled around and my friend Z left me again. Just damn. I really need to get back on a good sleep schedule. In the mean time, my darling Dee Dee calls me on the phone to ask me if I was gonna run when I got home. I explained to her that Monday night was my night to cycle. After listening to her tell me that she didn't want to run at night by herself, I agreed to run with her. After thinking about it for a little bit, I decided to do my bike ride first with Matthew, then run with Dee Dee. It would be my first official "brick" workout.

I got home from work, picked up Matthew, and left for my bike ride. The most significant thing that happened here was that I was "powering" myself up the hills. I watched this commercial where the pro bikers were standing and pedaling up the hills, and I decided that I was going to give it a go. My quads held up nicely and made it up all the hills with speed, and the burn was delicious.

Once I got back to the house, I shooed Dee Dee out the door, and we did two easy miles at 14 minute miles. Dee Dees HM program called for 30 minutes of running. Her ITB band is bothering her from the race. We decided not to push her. My first official brick was a 5 mile bike ride and a two mile run.

Tonight it was raining at my place. I did 4 easy miles on the treadmill for an average 12 minute mile pace. Out of curiosity, I wore my heart rate monitor and kept it steady at 150 for the entire run. I thought that was cool.

Finally, and I hear you saying "Thank God!", I talked to little sis today, and she is going to join me for my half marathon. I'm psyched! I did question her a bit though after she told me she was doing the San Diego Half Ironman the following weekend. LOL. I thought that girl had more sense than that. Oh well. It's gonna be a family party!!

Finish strong!


Monday: Ride 5 miles, Run 2 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles, 48 minutes, 12 minute miles, R6/W1

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sleighbells on the Square 5K Race Report

Tired! Tired I am. The past two weeks have finally caught up to me and I am mentally and physically exhausted. I thought the hour and a half nap I took today would help. It didn't. LOL. Where to start? Where to start? It is my penchant to start off with the alarm, so you guys should be used to that by now... Here we go.

The last race I ran, I had to get up at 4:30 AM in the morning in order to make it to the start line on time. How pleasant it was for me, in my current state of mind, to be able to sleep in until 7 AM. Since I usually get up for work around 6, 6:15 AM, I actually woke up before the alarm. Which was a good thing. Dee Dee wanted to jump in the shower before 7 (course). Being the lazy man I am, I lounged in bed until 7:10, upon which I got up, got dressed, and roused Jimmy from his bed. I peaked out the window and was rewarded with a neighborhood covered in frost. We gathered in the cold den, the three of us, and promptly departed at 7:35 AM.

We arrived at the Marietta square around 8:05 AM. We walked through the square and made it over to the heated tent where we got our race bibs and shirts. I thought this a bit unusual. I was used to getting my shirt after the race. No problemo. The three of us took our shirts back to the car, climbed inside, and tried to stay warm. About 10 minutes before the race started, we left the car and moved to the start line. Jimmy moved up to the front of the pack. Dee Dee and I made our way to the back of the pack. There were about 500 runners for this race.

At 8:31, the race started, and I was off. Almost immediately, I felt like the pace was too slow, so I moved to the inside of edge of the road and bypassed most of the pack. It was important to me to start off the race with Dee Dee, but once the whistle sounded, it was game on. Leaving Marietta square, the first couple of hundred yards was downhill, just the way I like it. After leaving downtown Marietta proper, the route begain a long slow uphill to the hospital. No problem here. I'm trudging along, running at, I think some where around a 8:30 - 9:00 miile pace. Upon reaching the hospital, I missed the first mile marker, so in truth, I have no idea what my pace was. The good news was that we were turning around, and I was excited that I was going to be going downhill again. Right! I should of known, based on my time, that that wasn't quite 1.5 miles. We ran downhill about two blocks then made a right, and I thought, uh oh. We went up a short incline then met the steep hill from hell.

At this point, I decided my first walk break was in order. I walked up the hill, made a left, and came out on the road next to the catholic school from which my daughter graduated. How pleasant. After passing Jessica's old school, I was back on the downhill trail and shortly thereafter hit the 2 mile mark. I actually saw this one and noted the time on my watch: 18:10. Cool, I thought. I'm doing a 9 minute mile pace. I just might be able to come in under 27 minutes. It was about this time my nose began to pour. How sad. I was defeated by my olfactory senses :-)

The rest of the race was uneventful. I spent a lot of time choking. As I crossed back over into downtown Marietta, I took another walk break. I watched my goal of a sub-27 slip away. The last tenth of a mile or so, I finished strong, and I was pleased to come in with a sub-28, almost a two minute improvement over my previous 5K and a PR. Life is good, indeed.

My 15 year old front of the pack son EMBARRASSED me, LOL, by doing a 6.5 minute first mile and comming in with a total time of 23:42. He hasn't run a race in two years. Dee Dee did a wonderful job as well and came in sub-40, which, while wasn't a PR, was still a great job, nicely done.

Saturyday afternoon, I had the distinct pleasure of refing two R3PL Boys teams on the way to Disney for a tournament. I came home. Took a nap. Cooked dinner for the boyz, and now I'm busy catching up on all of your blogs for the weekend.

Tomorrow is the first day since August that I have absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. Hmmmmm. I think a 12 mile bike ride is in order, and lots of cleaning and cooking. I need to make up for some lost time. In the mean time, I think I'll sleep in, get some rest, and get up in the morning and make my family breakfast. Tomorrow is but another day on my path to personal tri-greatness.

Finish strong, rest, and start over, my friends...


ORN: 3.1 miles, 27:50, race pace, 9 minute miles, walk as needed

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bunches: A Sleighbells 5K Pre-race Report

Do good things come in pairs? How about bunches? What about bad things? Do we only notice the bad things and take the good things for granted? Why all the questions? :-) I think these things are important. In order to be properly balanced, you have to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and make adjustments as needed.

Take the past twenty-four hours for example. It was way too cold last night for me to go out on my run. I think the temperature was around 26 degrees with a wind chill of 6. No thank you. I did something I haven't done in a long time. I dusted off the old treadmill. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I have abhorred the treadmill for the past five months. I've used it, like twice, present time included. The last time I used it, I absolutely hated it. But much like running, last night, it was good. I set the incline on two and progressively negative split my three mile run: 13:20, 11:40, 10:00 respectively. I was pleased that the treadmill actually gave me a good workout, just what I needed before my race Saturday. Ya know what was really special? I did more than half my run at 6 mph!! That's 10 minute miles, and I didn't even get out of breath. You have no idea, but let me help ya, it was just a sweet, satisfying feeling.

Then, I got up this morning, plopped my buttocks on the scale, and came in at 205! Hurrah! All that holiday eating stuff is gone, and then some! My new focus on healthy eating is paying off. It seems when we plateau, we are eating enough to maintain our current weight. What I have done, is backed off a little more, until I get that "I'm slightly hungry all the time" feeling, and it is working for me.

Tomorrow will be the first time I have repeated a 5K in a race, and quite frankly, I'm trying to decide what my goal is. Do I want to PR? Do I want to have fun? Do I want a PW (personal worse)? So many questions!! The truth is, I'd like to PR, but I'm not sure I will. I don't think having fun is a problem, despite the expected 26* temperature in the morning. I think, tomorrow, I will over compensate. I'm going to go out hard, run until I can't anymore. Take a walk break. Then go from there. I'm still in the process of determining what a good race pace is for me, and this will be a good time to "over compensate" so the next time I have a good idea of where to back off to. Kind of like learning to pull the ball when you have a bad slice in golf.

Everyone have a great weekend, and may a "bunch" of good things come your way.

Finish strong!


ORN: 3 miles, 35 minutes, easy, R5/W1, 11:40 miles

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Playing Hooky, Call me Chef!

Yup! You read it right. I just didn't feel like going up to the restaurant to work last night. I played hooky. OK. OK. I played hooky with permission, but I still played hooky. Seems like we have a real well trained staff at the store these days, and they are getting better and better at running things without us being there all the time.

Not going to the store allowed me to get home around 5:20 PM. I located Matthew at a friends house and asked him if he wanted to go on my bike ride with me. I wouldn't let him go with me Monday night, so he was anxious to get back out there. He did indeed want to go. We suited up and off we went. I pulled a fast one on him and had him take the six mile route, and the little guy was really tired by the time we turned around to head home. To make things sweeter, he actually went to bed on time last night with no arguing. (hint, hint parents!) A nice leisurely six mile ride before dinner fit the bill nicely.

Dee Dee was home cooking dinner by the time I got back. I had been wanting to make some Lentil Soup for a while. As a matter of fact, I bought the stuff for it a few weeks ago and just haven't had the chance to get it done. While Dee Dee was cooking pork chops (meat, Jodi!), I cut up my celery, onions, garlic, and carrots and got it going. This soup is really good, and I highly recommend it.

Dee Dee and I ran out to Walmart after dinner to pick up a few things. While we were there, I picked up a few ingredients for Banana Nut Muffins. I'm getting just a little tired of eating breakfast bars all the time. I wanted something healthy that I could make myself. At 10 PM at night, there I am in the kitchen cooking muffins and banana nut bread! LOL. I'm not sure how "healthy" it really is, since it has a whole cup of brown sugar in it, but it sure does taste good, and I'm very careful not to eat more than I need.

I set a new record last night. I made two brand new recipes. I didn't ruin either of them. This is another step in my natural progression as chef extraordinare!

Happy cooking and eating folks!


OCN: 6 miles, 40 minutes

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where are You?

Dear Z:

I know that you are always last, but you, too, can live a happy and fulfilling life. Accept who you are and use that as basis for positive change. It is never too late to learn new things and enjoy the excitement of life.

Now, I have a question for you. Where the hell have you been? When I embarked on this venture five very short months ago, it took a while to get to really know you. First, I had to give up almost all alcohol. Second, I had to give up all smoking. Third, I had to get consistent in my training routine, eating, and night time habits. I thought we were really doing well. Until now.

You see, Z. I've missed you these past three days. I know, I know, but visiting me during the day at work just doesn't count. I cannot function on four to five hours of sleep a night for more than a day or two. If you don't come visit me tonight, I'm going to have to take drastic measures. First, it will be over the counter sleep aides. Lastly, it will be a damn bottle of bourbon. Yea, I'm that serious.

Oh, Z! I long for our former closeness, our prior relationship. Please don't let me down...

Love Always,


When you have some really cool Under Armor gear, running in thirty degree temperatures ain't that bad. I also ran for the first time with music last night. I liked it. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep my nose warm...

Today, for the first time in a long time, I brought a lunch box to work! I looked so cute! I made my own version of Tuna Salad last night, got everything ready, and packed it together this morning and brought it to work. It worked out very well. Here's to healthy eating.

Finish strong, y'all!


ORN: 3.2 miles, 33 minutes, normal pace, 10:30 miles, R5/W1

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Help Me

Somebody please explain to me how anyone, including a fifteen year old could possibly send 1800 text messages in one month. Also, please take the time to explain to me why I should not strangle him. Be creative.

I had a good ride last night. Cut it short to six miles, but I hit the hills hard, and I am feeling it today. Feels great. Here's to cold weather. I also spent some of my birthday money on Under Armor running tights and a very cool Under Armor long sleeve technical shirt. They both are very nice, and I'm delighted to exercise in such fine athletic wear.

Rumor has it the temperature is going to be 25* Saturday morning. Dee Dee says that will put a little pep in our step! LOL.


OCN: 6 miles, 37 minutes

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tapering Santa Style

Lo and behold! It's race week. Once again, it's time to settle into tapering. I'm extremely grateful that my taper is only a week at the present. Dee Dee and I are both signed up for this one, and I believe I have my 15 year old committed as well. I'm hoping that he will run with me. Now, I just need to get to work on my 11 year old. If we can get him out there too, it will indeed be a family event.

What a difference a couple of days make. Thursday's run was hot and humid. Sunday's run was downright cold. I woke up early because I wanted to get my run in before we left. Jimmy's football banquet was at 5:30 PM in Marietta, so we needed to leave by 10 AM. I basically forced myself up and out the door around 8ish. I did not feel like running. My muscles were still sore, especially my glutes. However, the sun was out, it was glorious morning, and I ran. Around mile two I had a Code Red (or would that be brown, tee hee) which fortunately for me was right by the house. Shortly there after, my muscles warmed up, I got into my run, and I finished with style. 4.2 miles at around a 10:15 per mile pace.

It's definitely cold here in Woodstock today. I'll be getting home late, but I hope to dust off Bags and get in a bike ride tonight, with warm gloves. Brrrrrrrr.

Finally, I'm starting to fill out my race schedule for 2007. I'm adding the Frostbite 5K in January. I just couldn't stand the thought of doing nothing that month. April I'm leaving open, because I will be training for my triathlon on May 5th. June through September I'm going to fill up the calendar with triathlons. As soon as I know what they are, I will let you know. October I'm leaving open for training. At this point, I intend to run in the Atlanta Marathon in November 2007.

Except for everything up to the half and my triathlon, none of this is carved in stone mind you, not even IM Florida 08. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but the plan is the same. I will make my decision after volunteering in 07, I'm just getting very comfortable with the word, "Yes".

Finish strong!


ORN: 4.2 miles, 43 minutes, normal pace, 10:15 miles, R5/W1

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Circle of Life

Join me in welcoming Gracelynn into my family. She is my (I promise not to choke) great niece. Uh-hmmmmm. A fourth generation of my wife's family, and possibly the most beautiful baby in the world....


BTW: Sorry for the grainy photo, but that's what ya get with a picture phone :-)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me! I'm not vain or anything, but this is the 12th anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday. Today, I gift to myself the drive and ambition to succeed at the endurance events of my choice. Watch out world, the best is yet to come.

Things are proceeding smoothly here in Mobile, as well as can be expected. It was 73* here last night when I got out for my run. How I luv to run here. It is nice and flat with some gentle rolling hills. The humidity, however, was awful. I can't remember the last time I sweated that much on a run. Let me tell ya, I was really reallly tired from that eight miler on Tuesday as well. But ya know what, it felt good. For the past couple of weeks, my leg muscles have been relaxed, not tight all the time, and my stomach hasn't been growling. After the eight miler, tight and hungry. I'm liking that.

I'm thinking last night... Ya know what? You only go around once, and I'm one step closer to Ironman Florida 08. Watch out world.


ORN: 3.6 miles, 39:30, recovery pace, 11 minute miles, R5/W1