Thursday, June 29, 2006

I dream

I dream of a healthier me, one that doesn't smoke, doesn't drink. A me that can run ten miles because I feel like it. A me that isn't 40 pounds over weight.

I dream of a happier family life. We are so busy right now. I'm working full time. My wife is running two restaurants. My kids are entering their teen years. They need us. Life will have to settle down soon, or I'll be shedding some responsibilities.

I dream of world where the focus is on me. Yes, that's right. Me. No, not Wes, but each and every one of you's, me :-) I believe in building a beautiful world from the inside out. It all begins within. If I've happened to comment your blog, you'll probably already know this.

I dream of having time to dream. It all starts here...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taking Leave of Your Senses

Another South American leader has absolutely taken leave of his senses. Check out this article by Fox News. Seems the leader of Bolivia thinks we are sending clandestine soldiers into his country for God knows what reason. Like they have anything that we would want. Don't these idiots realize what a laughing stock they are? Seem's like he and Chavez will be great buds. Maybe they'll share a room in the asylum.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lame Duck Contractor

I just want you to know, out of sensitivity to those who happen to stumble across my blog in cyber space, I decided not to title this blog entry, "Limp D*ck Contractor". There ya go. I hope you are feeling as pleased as I am.

So, I'm sitting here at my computer, serving out my two weeks notice at work. I really hate changing jobs. But I guess after sixteen years, I ought to be used to it. In my business, the average job life expectancy is two and a half years. The longest job I held down was four years. My last three jobs have beeen one year, six months, and three months. That's OK, though. As a contractor, I am expected to move from job to job as the situation demands. Leaving this job is a little tougher. I came here to work with and for friends. They gave me a really good rate. I like these folks.

You see. The problem is, my last four jobs have just sucked, including this one. I'm not cheap. I make more in an hour than a sizable percentage of the population makes in a day. These companies that I have been working for just leave me sitting around doing NOTHING. Its simply amazing. I grew up on the concept of doing more with less. Working for these big companies has shown me the dark side. They don't care if they are spending 10K a week on a resource that is not being used. They don't care if they have not one but four resources at that price when they need only one. Sigh.

Hopefully this new position will get me back on track. Not only will I have work to do, but I will have interesting work appropriate for the place I am in my career. We'll keep our fingers crossed. If it doesn't work out, I guess I can always go back to contracting....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting Started

I haven't really been a big fan of blogs. There are so many of them out there. How could you possibily keep up with them all? As it turns out, I have found a few blogs here that I frequent every day. I enjoy being a part of their community. So, with that said, I'm gonna start my blog off by introducing you to my friends.

Through the Wall(

This is Iron Wil's website. Wil is a beautiful woman, a wife, a mother, an (ex) school teacher, training for her first Iron Man competition in less than 90 days, Ironman Wisconsin. Join Wil as she shares the inside stories of ups and downs of training for an Ironman.


This site is a personal blog for Vic. Vic is a computer geekess working for and attending a University here in my home state of Georgia. Not only is Vic intelligent, witty, charming, and very southern, she is an avid participant in Half Nekkid Thursdays. This is something we can all appreciate.

Red Head Momma(

This site is all about what makes blogging special. You have a complete stranger, thousands of miles away, opening up her heart on the internet for all to see. Momma's day to day struggle with work, family, autism, and her inner daemons are an inspiration to all of us. She adds perspective to all of our lives which make this world such a wonderful place.